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WEMIX$ pris sanntidsdata

  1. What is WEMIX$? WEMIX$ is a new type of stablecoin with 100% USDC collateralization, stimulating the flow of value within the platform-driven, service-oriented WEMIX mega-ecosystem. As a stablecoin that compliments WEMIX Coin, WEMIX$ functions as a store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange.
  2. Stability and transparency of WEMIX$ For the initial issuance of WEMIX$, USDC is deposited in the Treasury and the same amount of WEMIX$ is issued. The protocol responsible for the issuance of WEMIX$ is called AMA (Authorized Mint Access) and is only given permission to the WEMIX foundation at the initial launch. AMA will gradually add more Partners depending on the growth and stabilization of the ecosystem. WEMIX$ maintains stability through pegging with USDC, an on-chain reserve. The Treasury, MINT and DIOS all contribute to the stabilization of WEMIX$ within the ecosystem. The total circulation of WEMIX$ and USDC in the Treasury will always remain the same.
  3. Price Stabilization via DIOS(Dollar In and Out Stabilizer) Dollar In and Out Stabilizer (DIOS), is a WEMIX$ price stabilizing protocol which prevents depegging through TIP & TOP, which are responsible for stabilizing the price of WEMIX$ depending on how it has depegged.

TIP(Treasury In Protocol): Prevent value depegging from the expansion of the ecosystem As the ecosystem grows and the demand for WEMIX$ increases, WEMIX$ price rises and depegging occurs in the Master Liquidity Pool (MLP), the USDC/WEMIX$ exchange. In this case, DIOS will implement TIP (Treasury-In-Protocol). When the TIP is executed, the MINT contract swaps WEMIX$ in the MLP for USDC. Since the price of WEMIX$ is higher than USDC, one or more USDC is swapped with 1 WEMIX$. All swapped USDC is deposited into the Treasury and the additional WEMIX$ that remains is transferred to the DIOS Reward Pool.

TOP(Treasury Out Protocol): Prevent value depegging from the contraction of the ecosystem If the ecosystem shrinks for some reason, such as the demand of WEMIX$ decreases or has been attacked, depegging could occur in the Master Liquidity Pool (USDC/WEMIX$ pool), causing the WEMIX$ price to drop. In this case, DIOS will execute TOP (Treasury-Out-Protocol), where USDC is withdrawn from Treasury and swapped to WEMIX$ in the MLP. Since the price of WEMIX$ is lower than USDC, 1 WEMIX$ equivalent to 1 USDC is transferred to and burned in the MINT contract, and the remaining WEMIX$ is transferred to DIOS Reward Pool as a seigniorage. Under any circumstances, DIOS protocol will always have the equivalent amount of minted WEMIX$ and USDC in the reserve.

TIP & TOP Exchange Rate TIP & TOP is automatically activated by the smart contract when the swap rate of MLP differs by more than a certain percentage until the swap rate is stabilized back to 1. TIP & TOP is constantly executed through an algorithm in set amounts so that there is no loss from slippage or price impact. Detailed values of the mechanism are closed from the public to prevent external threats such as front running. Furthmore, these values may change depending on the market conditions.