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As the project is relatively new, please review our disclaimer

Om The Conglomerate Capital

As the world becomes more digital, it is rapidly changing and also becoming more decentralized. The rise of cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi, web 3.0 and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are contributing to that. Now, the challenge is how to make use of all these new technologies and impact society positively.

From the finance and investing perspectives, with these new technologies, there is unique chance to provide outstanding private market investment opportunities to retail investors throughout the world that, until now, only Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) funds could access, which is where the true value is generated.

TCC is a web3, BEP20 blockchain-based investment and funding platform, governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), from which disruptive startups as well as SME businesses will raise capital, where investors will be able to access Venture Capital and Private Equity outstanding opportunities through the CONG token.

Furthermore, The TCC and CONG ecosystem is the first and only to create governance and investing features to guide and protect investors through the implementation and use of new market features and to count with the expertise of world tier-1 VC and PE industries executives to shape the way people invest their capital.

How the project operates

TCC platform in the center of the ecosystem and it´s where Companies will raise capital through. After a Company applies for funding and holders vote in favour, this investment opportunity opens a campaign in the platform.

The investors, either retail or accredited ones, venture capital or private equity funds can allocate their capital in the deal; the earlier ones will have the first priority for investment allocation. The platform will receive USDT and BUSD in exchange for CONG. The CONG token is the only one in the whole ecosystem and will fund all Companies. Based on the TCC roadmap we will also be able to receive fiat and credit card soon.

Once a Company opens a campaign, it will be called CSC, Conglomerate Subsidiary Company. While CONG is not public tradable in a DEX or CEX, whenever a deal opportunity goes through the platform, the CONG price will be higher. Therefore, the earlier you invest and be a part of our Ecosystem, the better.

After the campaign is funded, TCC transfers the raised capital to the Company but not in one shot. We will put the whole capital in a side pocket account, similar to escrow account, and will release it just after milestones are achieved by the Company. CONG holders will approve whether the targets were achieved or not. This is an important security measure for the investors.

TCC management team, which has years of experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity industry, will always feed investors on the performances of CSCs and monitor them towards the agreed plan.

Moreover, seeking the best alignment between parts, the top management of the CSCs will be rewarded in CONG tokens, based on milestones achievements and a vesting schedule. So, if a Company goes well compared to the plan approved in the campaign, the management team will earn more money as their token will appreciate in value, that´s good for the entire Ecosystem.

While the CSCs generate cash either from dividends or from the sale of the Company, TCC may exchange this cash to either CONG by a buyback program or to USDT or BUSD and distribute to the holders. The holders can also decide to keep this cash in an escrow account and fund the next deal in the platform. This entire set of options shall impact CONG value positively.

When CONG token be tradeable in exchanges, Investors and CSC top management will also have the opportunity to sell their tokens in the market. A consensus voting procedure held by the DAO will decide the token issuance, redemption, distribution and buyback.

Project Selection & Norms

Projects submitted for funding campaigns will be thoroughly vetted by the TCC team before approval and listing. The project will also be available to the community for review, and positive assessment will influence the selection when that goes for voting.

As previously written, TCC team has years of experience in the industry, raising capital in various instruments forms, such as equity, convertible debt, debt, etc. The team also has already conducted many M&A deals throughout recent years. All this experience will be put in favour of our Ecosystem, helping to scrutinize funding applications. As the team is compensating by CONG, we are all aligned.

Every CONG holder can post an application for a new CSC deal. After passing through TCC management team scrutiny, it will go for consensus voting. After which, the CSC opportunity goes live on the TCC platform. The holder that referenced the deal will earn 0.5% of the capital raised in form of CONG tokens.

The projects our platform will support are broad. They can either be a new and disruptive startup or a real economy business. But founders must understand what projects TCC will not look at approvingly. Projects that deal with brown energy and projects that may exclude/discriminate any minority group regarding age, race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity will not be listed.

TCC wishes to create an inclusive environment and community for Companies and investors. A platform for free-thinkers and an innovative and decentralized future.

Failed Campaign

If a CSC fails to reach the soft cap required for the campaign to succeed, it will be considered a failure and the funds collected in the smart contract will automatically return to the investors.

This procedure is to minimize the risk of the Company and Investors. It is unlikely that founders would be able to work on the project and succeed them without the necessary funds.


• Limited Supply: 10 bn tokens. Token issuances approved by governance consensus.

• Holders benefit from various ways from token appreciation, token dividends, sale of CSCs, interest-bearing tokens, income-profiting features, etc.

• Reference program: Every holder can post an application for a new CSC deal. After passing through TCC management team scrutiny, it goes for consensus voting. Just after that, a new CSC opportunity goes live in TCC platform. Holder that referenced the deal, earns 0.5% of the capital raise in form of CONG.

• Token Tax: 0% (50% to holders based on their yield farming stake, 25% to project funding wallet and 25% to liquidity pool). Seed and presale investors will have 100% discount in year 1 of the platform, 50% in year 2 and 25% in year 3. If they sell a single CONG during this period, benefit is cancelled.

• CONG token price increases along the increase of CSCs opportunities in TCC platform. The sooner investors purchase and hold the token, the better.

• Yield Farming: pegged to SELIC (Brazilian standard market rate). Tokens locked for farming as well as rewards and cannot be sold in the market. Rewards can be used to participate in CSCs deals. Seed, pre-sale and private sale investors have 120%, 110% and 105% of SELIC for their yield farming tokens, respectively.

• TCC Team: whenever tokens are minted, 20% goes to TCC team. This aligns interests as well as keeps the DAO system running as any entity will not have controlling interest of the Ecosystem.

• Vesting schedule: different per funding event though locked through Years to reduce sale pressure.

• Raise fee:0% (50% to holders based on their yield farming stake, 25% to project funding wallet and 25% to liquidity pool).

• CONG options (“CONGo”): If the hard cap of a CSC event is reached, surplused value is exchanged for CONGo which will be exchanged for CONG when the next CSC event goes online. The exchange price will be CONG’(p-1), which is the token price when investors previously applied.

• Fairness Allocation: to increase the number of investors in the ecosystem, new investors will be 1st group to be prioritized and allocated in the funding campaign. After that, investors have their allocation in terms of their share in the total CONG staked.


A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is at the center of Web3. It is a democratic process for a business to remain fair. Consensus voting is the go-to method for all major decisions. Below there are the main governance features for the CONG token.

• Buyback program: every holder can set to vote, if there is cash available, as governance procedure.

• In order to make it harder to large token holders to manipulate governance proposals given the increased cost of acquiring votes, CONG protocol will use Quadratic voting feature per staked tokens.

• Vote lock-up: to significantly reduce governance attacks, minted tokens and addresses of less than 1 year are not eligible for voting as well as unvested tokens.

• Side pocket protection: the CSC raised capital with be transferred to a escrow account and will be freed based on the milestone deliveries. Holders verify milestones achievements to approve the capital release. If milestones are not achieved and the CSC is discontinued, side pocket capital will be locked and allocated to the next CSC raise.

• Compensation of CSCs Management Team: voting consensus approves vesting schedule, quantity and milestones of CONG rewards to new CSC team. Bonuses of operational team will be granted in form of CONG, this aligns entrepreneurs to the ecosystem which benefits holders as a whole. Term-sheets: when a venture capital and/or private equity fund provides a proposal to acquire new tokens to be minted that represents +5% of the available supply, this needs to go for voting and the project team needs to provide info on the deal.

• CSC deal flows: as to fund new deals, tokens may be generated, voting consensus approves if a new CSC funding deal goes to TCC platform.

• Delegated voting: holders can delegate their voting to someone if they cannot follow the discussions or do not have expertise on the matter. It can be withdrawn at any time.