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Soft DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the mission of supporting the development of high-integrity protocols. In support of this mission, the Soft DAO aims to: steward on-chain smart contracts and libraries, support core teams, and manage the treasury.

The Soft DAO defines high-integrity protocols and crypto assets as those embodying the following values: Rebel Reasonably, Trust Code, Build, and Do It Right.

The SOFT token was adopted by the Soft DAO as its governance token ( Governance will occur through a proposal and voting process. Proposals are limited to the following scope: meta-governance and mechanics, stewarding on-chain primitives, and supporting core teams.

At genesis, Soft DAO’s smart contract primitives include the following: #1-Sales: configurable in-grouping. -Access: public or private, determined by blockchain addresses included in a Merkle root -Fair Surge Protection: order of access to on-chain activities determined by fair and random ordering to maintain low network fees -Transparency: group information and configurable attributes are visible on-chain -Non-custodial: tokens held directly in the smart contracts with configurable directions #2-Distributions: configurable escrow contracts. -Time-based lockups & vesting -Tranche-based vesting (unlock schedule) -Continuous vesting (start, cliff, end) -Price-based vesting (unlock schedule based on reference asset prices)

3-Governance: governor contract for DAO tooling.

-Enables votes by token holders while tokens are vesting -Increased voting weights for tokens locked in genesis vesting contract