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DefiSports is working towards building the world's first sports blockchain. Which is a system that records transactions that are immutable in nature. Data storage, payment facilitation, and fundraising are all attributes that can benefit the sports industry. More specifically, DefiSports aims to target some but is not limited to a few persisting issues present discretely in the world of sports.

Our company, DEFISPORTS, is an aggregation of Defi strategical systems, NFT marketplace, and metaverse all in one for crypto enthusiasts all over the world that operates on the Ethereum protocol. As well as, providing a plethora of platforms to make your stay on our Platform with all the amenities, services, and products token DEFISPORTS to ensure your trading and ease of digital asset acquisition.

We are a group of young, dynamic, and versatile visionaries that ensure many features for our users, such as low gas fees, high transaction speeds, and safety. Nevertheless, due to our upcoming projects, we are also considering many new and versatile practices to carry out our vision.


A state-of-the-art platform to buy, sell and auction our athletes' NFTs, rare collectibles, and merch. Items offered and any transactions made will be immutable stored on the Blockchain

DIGITAL NFTS : Rare athletes nfts will be used in NFT card game

PHYSICAL NFTS MERCH : Exclusive limited edition NFT merch designed by in house stylist in Netherlands

PHYSICAL NFT : Exclusive rare collectibles items by and from athletes that will be auctioned.


Also known as WEB3 games for their link to the blockchain. Fun and interactive games that enable players to earn/bet tokens. i.e, DefiGames. Further developments will also allow community members to compete against each other in the esports division.