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Timers live prijs van vandaag is €0.019147 EUR met een handelsvolume van 24 uur van €944.27 EUR. We updaten onze IPM naar EUR prijs in real-time. Timers is de afgelopen 24 uur 12.93 gedaald. De huidige CoinMarketCap-rang is #5530, met een marktkapitalisatie van niet beschikbaar. De voorraad in omloop is niet beschikbaar de max. voorraad is niet beschikbaar.

TIMERS is creating an application-driven IPM ecosystem (the Forum) for local and global trade. It’s a marketplace where all sorts of goods and services can be purchased, offered, or used according to one's needs and own skills. They offer an API – allowing developers to create multiple applications based around IPM time accounts beyond marketplaces. They also offer 'sustainable incentives' to earn basic Income through a process called TVM.

The team behind TIMERS believes that every person has an intrinsic value and a set of skills that will be needed in this day and age. They also think that an enormous amount of freed-up ‘quality time’ in combination with the right technology will open up new markets and streams of income.

The team aims to allow a human's intrinsic ‘time value’ to be used as a currency for trading. When time is the common denominator, TIMERS IPM (short for Income/Per/Minute) is its tokenized, digital variant. They imagine a place and an ecosystem that uses one’s ‘time’ and brings it into the emerging world of the blockchain, hence driving the economic growth of users. The Team behind TIMERS is going to create a Forum where all goods and services can be offered or used according to people's needs and skills. A central place to meet and communicate, allowing for not only on- but also offline trade through geo-based- and near field communication.

The Forum will be application-driven and accompanied by an interface inspired by flow-like design. All of this is powered by the idea that only blockchain truly offers the most efficient transactions and secure protection through intelligent contracts directly from home, within the local community, and around the world. Lastly, a so-called ‘Proof Of Value’ Creation in a timed verification process (TVM) ensures an incentive operating system similar to staking in blockchain but designed as a basic income on its own and with optimal sustainability.

The idea started out on a campus several years ago. Specialists and concepts were trained and developed at the Bauhaus-University in the departments of Media Studies and Management, as well as Computer Science for Digital Media and Human-Computer Interaction.

TIMERS have reportedly been working in multiple positions and on various projects as entrepreneurs in the past. Most of the core members claim to have been in the industry for 15 years or more. They have experience in media / web / digital currency development / marketing / social science / game theory and even futurology. They feature advisors that help them to translate the 'numbers behind human value creation' into the IPM token as a store of value.

The TIMERS token is an ERC20 based token and a representation of the intrinsic time value itself. The abbreviation IPM stands for Income/Per/Minute. It becomes the basis for all transactions within their ecosystem, can be traded on exchanges, and used as a store of value.

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