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Solareum Solareum (SLRM)

5.16 USD (0.00%)
0.00065055 BTC (0.00%)
0.02075694 ETH (0.00%)

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유통 공급량

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총 공급량
60,000,000 SLRM

Solareum 정보

Solareum was founded with the intent to "connect the world with renewable resources at the touch of a button." Solareum focuses on offering what they describe as "eco friendly and renewable products" via their online marketplace. SLRM represents a token based on the Ethereum blockchain which can reportedly be used as a payment method for exclusive discounts on their e-commerce platform.

Solareum 통계
Solareum 가격 5.16 USD
Solareum ROI +13.57%
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총 공급량 60,000,000 SLRM
최대 공급량 데이터 없음
전체 최고 5.27 USD
(2019. 06. 06.)
전체 최저 4.53 USD
(2019. 03. 26.)
52주 최고/최저 5.27 USD /
4.53 USD
90일 최고 /최저 5.27 USD /
4.87 USD
30일 최고/최저 5.16 USD /
5.16 USD
7일 최고/최저 5.16 USD /
5.16 USD
24시간 최고/최저 5.16 USD /
5.16 USD
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