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14,000,000 SAK
1,000,000,000 SAK
1,000,000,000 SAK

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Sakura is a multiplayer online sandbox blockchain game mainly based on RPG exploration & creation. Sakura aims to create NFT game with great fun, allowing players to build social network and join in Metaverse in a simple, creative and interesting way.

Players can experience creation, construction, planting, mining, adventure, competition, etc., and become a participant in metaverse ecology and have the opportunity to play with fun.

There are diverse gameplay in Sakura and players not only can play game to earn but also will enjoy a lot of fun. Sakura has a lot of original design and advantages that makes it superior over other similar projects:

Sakura has already built a successful NFT project ( with strong community members contributing to the strong community
Sakura has long-term development plan and has already released alpha test version of Sakura Land Editor 
There are over 25+ team members of talented designers and expert developers with rich experience in building successful project and Sakura aims to build Sakura in the long run.
Players can enjoy various gameplay of creation, stake, resource exploration, battle, trade etc.