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仮想通貨:  5,158市場:  20,663時価総額:  $248,110,012,40524時間のボリューム:  $159,120,305,040BTCドミナンス:  63.9%
時価総額:  $248,110,012,40524時間のボリューム:  $159,120,305,040BTCドミナンス:  63.9%仮想通貨:  5,158市場:  20,663

Denarius (D)

$0.079603 USD (1.71%)
0.00000916 BTC (4.07%)
Crypto Credit
  • 時価総額
    $578,565 USD
    66.55936989 BTC
  • ボリューム(24時間)
    $1,967.95 USD
    0.22639683 BTC
  • 循環サプライ
    7,268,162 D
  • 最大供給
    10,000,000 D
  • Denariusソーシャルメディアフィード


Building upon the original Bitcoin. Denarius features changes such as Stealth Addresses, Native TOR, Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps, Proof of Data, Hybrid MasterNode System (Fortuna Stakes), Encrypted Messaging, Multi-Signature Addresses & Transactions, and Tribus (a new PoW hashing algorithm). A maximum of 10,000,000 D is to be created during the hybrid PoW/PoS lifecycle of 3 years, which then transitions to Proof of Stake (6% APR) entirely after the first 3 years.

Denarius has a Hybrid MasterNode system named Fortuna Stakes. It aims to have a fair distribution reward system which ensures that all Fortuna Stakes receive the same income over time. Fortuna Stakes reportedly receive 33% of each POW & POS block that is mined. FS/MN Collateral is 5000 D.

Tribus (Latin for three) is the Proof of Work hashing algorithm used in Denarius. Tribus consists of three of what it believes to be the most popular and secure cryptography algorithms that were featured in the NIST5: JH, Keccak, and Echo.

Denarius データ

Denarius Price
$0.079603 USD
Denarius ROI
$578,565 USD
$1,967.95 USD
7,268,162 D
7,268,162 D
10,000,000 D
$5.01 USD
(Jan 01, 2018)
$0.021232 USD
(Mar 04, 2019)
52週 高値 / 安値
$1.63 USD /
$0.021279 USD
90日 高値/安値
$0.156650 USD /
$0.037055 USD
30日 高値/安値
$0.117239 USD /
$0.063885 USD
7日 高値/安値
$0.099013 USD /
$0.072622 USD
24時間 高値/安値
$0.095370 USD /
$0.072622 USD
$0.090611 USD /
$0.072622 USD
$0.077776 USD /
$0.079022 USD
$0.001246 USD (1.60%)
$1,435.70 USD
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