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À propos de UNIFEES

Many students have a dream to study abroad. Unlike other portals, unifees allows you to find and apply to your desired university without any hassle. Founded in early 2021, Unifees offers all of the essential services, including career counseling, profile evaluation, visa assistance and a wide range of payment options. Our associations with a number of institutions and principal agents make the journey more convenient and pleasant. With the support of unbiased career advice, as well as visa and scholarship assistance, you may choose your desired university to study at. We are the world's first platform to introduce cryptocurrency to our wide range of innovative and emerging forms of payment systems.

We make fee payments, rewarding and fast something that has never been done before. We are developing the most substantial and authentic channel to provide the quickest way to transact university fees.

With the experience of nearly two decades in the overseas education industry, our seasoned founding team understood the root problems of the sector and drafted the solution in the form of "FEES" token. Despite millions of cross-border fee transactions being made every day, the transaction process remains cumbersome for many. The transfer process is usually time-consuming; conversion and transfer charges make it an extra burden on the pocket. On the other hand, relying on third-party agents makes it more complicated. Unifees comes up with a solution to this burning problem in the form of proprietary token �FEES�, designed on blockchain technology that will provide innovative ways to decipher the existing nodus in this payment transfer process.

Unifees is here to incentivize the fees payment process by creating a transparent environment for everyone.