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About ZilSwap

Launched in October 2020, ZilSwap.io ("ZilSwap") is a fully on-chain, decentralised exchange running on the Zilliqa network— a high-performance scalable public blockchain platform based in Singapore. The DEX—governed by ZWAP holders— strives to deliver an unrivaled experience for users looking to trade, earn liquidity rewards, participate in initial liquidity offerings, and bridge their assets between the Zilliqa and Ethereum networks.

ZilSwap underwent a rebranding exercise and a dashboard rehaul in mid-2021 and have continued to strengthen its position as the DeFi hub of Zilliqa with the release of the following key features since: - Swap & Pool: Allows users to swap tokens and provide liquidity on their favourite token pairs while earning liquidity mining rewards. - ZILO: ZilSwap Initial Liquidity Offering (ZILO) is an on-chain service where ZWAP holders can participate in providing liquidity for the latest tokens on ZilSwap, before they even launch. - ZilBridge: A bridge that allows users to bridge their assets between the Zilliqa and Ethereum networks. Current supported assets are BTC, ETH, and USDT, with more tokens to be added later. - Multi-Reward Claimer: A reward claim feature that allows users to claim their liquidity pool rewards in a single transaction.

More features are lined up as part of ZilSwap’s 2.0 development roadmap: - ARK (initial release at end October 2021): ZilSwap’s very own NFT marketplace that will allow users to trade their NFTs seamlessly, with cross-bridge NFT integration to be supported in future; - Single-sided Liquidity for impermanent loss protection; - Amplified AMM that will allow for arbitrary token pairs; and - Staking.

For more information, visit ZilSwap.io.

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