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About TTSwap

TTSwap ( is an Automated Market Making (AMM) DEX built on ThunderCore. With TTSwap, anyone can convert tokens and provide liquidity, and participate in the trading markets in ThunderCore ecology in a truly decentralized and unauthorized manner.

With the development of ThunderCore ecology, the digital assets issued on ThunderCore become diversified, so are the scenarios involving value exchange. The AMM model adopted by TTSwap can encourage idle digital currency to join the trading pool to provide liquidity, which to some extent solves the problem of less transaction depth under the order book model, and meanwhile brings liquidity market makers service charges and other high returns.

TTSwap’s dealmaking is agreed by algorithm. Users are essentially trading with smart contracts, so they need not open multiple exchange accounts or bear the risks incurred by counterparties. Under such a trading mode, KYC authentication is not required, the data is open and transparent, and users manage their own private key. Decentralized assets bring about higher security.

Through decentralized transactions, TTSwap can concentrate the liquidity of each user in different projects on ThunderCore to strengthen the flow among TT20 ecological tokens, so as to promote strong correlations among Dapps on the chain and drive the development of each other.

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