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About ProtonSwap

ProtonSwap describes itself as a next-generation decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which facilitates automated trading between cryptocurrency tokens on the Proton blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

Due to the speed and flexibility of the Proton blockchain, users can enjoy instant and seamless transactions on ProtonSwap without having to worry about paying gas or mining fees, like they’re forced to pay to transact on other blockchains.

All swaps on ProtonSwap are done without the need to deposit your cryptocurrency in a centralized exchange. By interacting directly with your wallet, swapped crypto will be withdrawn and deposited directly to your wallet, ensuring you maintain complete control over your cryptocurrency at all times.

Liquidity incentives:

  • 0.2% of every trade goes to the liquidity providers (LPs) of that pool.

Protocol incentives:

  • 0.1% of every trade goes to XPR stakers
  • Additional XPR staking incentives to reduce fees on ProtonSwap:
  • 100K XPR staked gets a 33% discount
  • 1M XPR staked gets a 66% discount
  • 10M XPR staked gets a 100% discount
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