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About Muda

  1. Introduction Muda is a blockchain based fintech that consists of a fiat crypto currency exchange, DeFi platform and NFT portal. Muda currently operates an OTC desk that serves several African countries and processes over $10 million per month in trades. In order to expand this operation, Muda is soon launching an exchange app and an online OTC platform that will enable it to increase its reach and improve the overall offering. MUDA is also going to implement a Defi platform that will improve access to liquidity in the $12 billion P2P marketplace and the $500 billion micro finance industry in Africa.

  2. MUDA FINANCE MUDA is developing various products using blockchain infrastructure and digital assets to solve some of the most pertinent issues facing modern financial markets today. Some of the solutions currently under development include the following:

2.1. DeFi Loans for P2P Traders The P2P Marketplace has become a major component of the cryptocurrency distribution stack in many parts of the world, especially in locations where the regulatory space has made it difficult for crypto businesses to freely interact with the banking system. P2P traders provide an essential service by providing liquidity and creating an avenue for people to transact between crypto and fiat currencies. One of the main challenges facing P2P traders, is liquidity shortages due to their limited operating capital. This challenge affects their ability to complete large orders limiting their revenue growth potential. In order to solve this challenge Muda has developed an innovative lending product that will enable P2P traders to use their trading history to enable them to access digital asset loans that they can use to increase their trading capital in order to execute larger orders and quickly grow their businesses.

2.2. Blockchain Bonds & Liquidity Pools Muda will partner with regulated Microfinance organisations to deploy Asset backed blockchain bonds. These bonds will utilise smart contract technology to enable investors to provide capital using stable coins directly to the micro-finance organisations for lending purposes. These smart contracts will be integrated with various 3rd party systems, government databases and blockchain Oracles in order to allow them to achieve the utility required to secure the investor’s interests and deliver a DeFi experience with off-chain processes. The smart contracts will outline the terms and conditions of the transaction which will include details such as bond duration, expected returns and security. These products will be designed to allow global investors to realise returns as high as 40% APY on their stable coin assets.

2.3. Assets Tokenisation Muda shall work with reputable asset management firms and the Capital markets authority to create and deploy asset backed tokens that will enable investors to invest in off-chain revenue generating assets such as real estate and transportation. The tokens would allow the investors to benefit from the performance of the asset such as rent collections. A paper on how this will be executed in detail will be published separately.

2.4. Liquidity Rail We are currently developing a blockchain based settlement rail that will enable payment service providers (PSPs) to eliminate float account from their operations in order to complete transactions. The concept is based on using stable coins to execute the transaction notification and settlement simultaneously. We are solving the problems PSPs face while trying to efficiently management multiple float accounts during their operations. These issues are present because of how the current global payment processing ecosystem has be structured. In the current infrastructure, the transaction layer and the settlement layer are separate, this means that service providers such as utilities and telecoms require PSPs to pre-fund accounts before transactions can be processed. This current set up leads to various difficulties such as; high capital requirements, illiquidity and scaling difficulties. This Liquidity rail is being developed in partnership with the CELO foundation and we are utilising the CELO blockchain in order to deliver the solution.

2.5. NFT Staking The staking portal is a tool that will enable users to either mint new NFTs or stake their NFT assets to farm other digital assets such as tokens. This is a novel concept that will enable owners of protocol compatible NFTs to access revenue generating opportunities through their assets. This infrastructure is aimed at improving NFT liquidity and utility.

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