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About 1BCH.com

1BCH.com is a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) on SmartBCH. 1BCH works as a Automated Market Making (AMA) DEX by providing liquidity pools for token pairs. We have also been audited by InterFi audits and passed with "Low Risk Severity" (best possible score):

https://github.com/interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits/blob/audit- updates/1BCHAuditReportInterFi.pdf

Our current application is for our 1BCH token. There are two tokens by our DEX: (a) an Exchange token: 1BCH; and (b) a Farming token: rBCH. We have our main token 1BCH with a fixed supply of 250M. The 1BCH token is an SEP20 standard token and is the main token that will have DEX pool pairs to all prominent coins on our DEX.

We also have our farming token rBCH which is minted on all farms to generate yield for staking LP tokens. This is the same mechanism as on SushiSwap, MistSwap, Pancake (CAKE token), etc, where all their yield tokens have unlimited supply and are generated at a configured rate per pool to reward staking. We chose this split into 2 tokens to harness 2 advantages: limited token supply plus high & configurable yields.

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