Most Innovative L1/L2/Cross-Chain Project (Winner: Celestia 🏆)

Our Most Innovative L1, L2, Cross-Chain Project award explores technological advancements reshaping blockchain's scalability, security, and interoperability. Whether through foundational Layer 1 blockchains, performance-enhancing Layer 2 solutions, or crypto ecosystem-connecting cross-chain technologies.


Winner: Celestia 🏆


Arbitrum is a popular Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with over 650k active wallets, $7B total value locked, and 55% of the L2 market share. Its key features include Arbitrum Rollups, which scales decentralized apps with low fees while maintaining Ethereum's security. Arbitrum Orbit is a customizable universe of interconnected chains, while Arbitrum AnyTrust is a ready-made chain for gaming, socials, and NFTs with high volume and low transaction fees.


Our next nominee is Axelar, a platform for secure and scalable cross-chain communication. Axelar enables users to interact with any asset or application on any chain with just one click. Axelar has connected with over 50 blockchains, processed more than $6 billion in transactions, and has over 70 validators. In addition, Axelar has partnered with J.P. Morgan and other traditional finance institutions to offer quick bridging solutions for crypto projects.


Our third nominee ZKSync, is the team behind ZKSync Era and ZKStark, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. ZKSync is a ZK Roll-Up platform to increase Ethereum's throughput. Unlike optimistic rollups, ZK rollups are more complex and require proof of validity for individual transactions. ZKSync aims to scale blockchains like the internet, making them easier to use for the wider market while maintaining Ethereum's foundational principles.


Our next nominee is Celestia, representing the transition from monolithic to modular blockchain. Celestia is a blockchain that separates consensus and execution layers. Transactions are only ordered and published on one chain, while a separate chain executes them. Modularizing the blockchain tech stack overcomes computational bottlenecks, making it more scalable for dApp builders.


Our final nominee is Aptos, an L1 blockchain launched in 2023 that uses the 'Move' programming language. The Aptos blockchain can handle multiple transactions at once through parallel execution, which means it has the potential to process a huge 160,000 transactions per second. With a strong community, low-cost transactions, high security, and a vast network of top VCs, Aptos could soon emerge as a competitor to Solana and Ethereum.


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