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10,598,015 PREMIA
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100,000,000 PREMIA
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100,000,000 PREMIA
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Nov 16, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Jul 20, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Acerca de Premia

What Is Premia (PREMIA)?

Premia (PREMIA) is a decentralized token that aims to be the next generation options automated market maker (AMM) provider and metavaults. It aims to deliver the best prices to users while bringing peer-to-pool derivatives trading and capital efficiency to decentralized finance (DeFi) options.

Premia facilitates the buying and selling of options, allowing users to earn market yield on DeFi assets and offers protection to users through the hedging of risks. \ \ With the goal of providing universal access to the top DeFi products, Premia is powered by a financial infrastructure that features permissionless access to all users. Premia also has a heavy focus on research, with one of its goals being to offer open access to the top research and innovation in the DeFi world.

\ The Premia network utilizes social media network platforms for greater accessibility and ease of usage, such as a Telegram channel where users can get fast updates. Premia also provides information to users, both current and potential ones, through its Medium blog and Twitter account. It also engages with its community of users on Discord and Github.

Who Are the Founders of Premia (PREMIA)?

What Makes Premia (PREMIA) Unique?

How Many Premia (PREMIA) Coins are There in Circulation?

How Is the Premia (PREMIA) Network Secured?

Can Premia (PREMIA) Coin Hit $10?

Where Can You Buy Premia (PREMIA)?

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