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Expanding Usability in the Ducatus Cashless Economy DucatusX is an expansion of the Ducatus vision of creating user-oriented blockchains that offer transparency and accessibility to every type of user. It complements the company’s first asset, the Ducatus Coin (DUC), in the Ducatus cashless economy.

The DucatusX Blockchain DucatusX is a fork of Ethereum, but unlike Ethereum, it uses a POA consensus algorithm, which significantly reduces its mining and maintenance cost. Built to become the platform of choice and the bridge for traditional businesses and investors to financially benefit from crypto adoption, DUCX supports smart contracts, enables trusted project tokens and offers reliable speed of block production and low fees.

Trading DucatusX The DucatusX token - Wrapped DucatusX (WDUCX) - started trading on Pancake Swap in August 1, 2021 and on Coinsbit in September 8, 2021. The WDUCX token (BEP20) on the Binance Smart Chain was developed to allow trading on exchanges at low fees. It serves as the entry for traders to the Ducatus ecosystem.

Using Blockchain to Push Boundaries in Various Business Models and Applications, DucatusX serves as the blockchain of record of Ducatus-related platforms:

Lease & Earn A crowdfunding venture where everyday people can lease parts of high-value properties and earn DUC during the process uses the DUCX blockchain.

Proof of Gold A platform that sells the hybrid gold+crypto Ducatus Prime gold coins and bars uses DUCX blockchain.

Differentiation Unlike Ethereum, DUCX uses a Proof of Authority consensus algorithm, which significantly reduces its maintenance cost. In the future, it is envisioned to switch to “Proof of Stake”, giving users even more confidence in choosing the DucatusX blockchain for their projects. On DucatusX, the blocks are produced regularly by a growing number of proven and secured nodes, resulting in stable cost and reliable speed of block production.

Fast Facts Total number of DUCX is fixed at maximum 777,874,205 Low fees, smart contracts available Enabling only trusted project tokens Strong supporting community, decentralised exchange traded

What’s next for DucatusX? A host of technology updates are in the works to enhance usability, increase productivity and maintain the tech integrity of the blockchain.

The Ducatus development team is preparing an Arduino-based node with preinstalled software. One just needs to install the node and connect it to the internet, then enter the Ducatus network and earn revenue from transactions performed in the network. This will significantly increase the decentralization for safer usage with thousands of nodes around the world.

It is planned to develop both centralized bridges with the Ethereum blockchain and decentralized ones using Polkadot technology to perform cross-chain operations and use existing projects dispersed on the Ethereum network.

In the future, it is also planned to introduce DAO voting to manage and choose the path of further blockchain developments.