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Valkyrio community




Über Valkyrio

Enjoy & Earn. The gameplay starts with daily training of characters (fighters), battles with monsters, increasing the strength of hired fighters and upgrading their level. Valkyrio rewards those who join the game, as well as those who invest their time and funds.

Token stability. Utilizing a dual token system, Valkyrie boasts strong tokenomic stability. The VALK and YRIO dual token system acts as the driving force behind the Valkyrio world. The VALK token presents a way to join the community while the YRIO token functions as the in-game reward currency.

Marketplace. Players can trade both their fighters and assets (weapons, outfit, valkyrie’s blessing) on ​​the marketplace.

Game events. There are three types of events on the platform, among them:

GODs challenge. Players can participate in the Ragnarok battle and, if victorious, receive a reward in the form of VALK & BNB tokens. The event is held every week.

PvP leaderboard ranking competition. Players who have PvP matches can compete for rewards. These kinds of events are held every week.

Games in-game. In the near future, players will have the opportunity to become an in-game landlord to participate in a series of mini-games (for example, planting, fishing, mining). Participation in these mini-games can lead to a number of rewards. Moreover, owning land can grant characters bonus abilities that can later be traded in the marketplace.