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Telos Telos (TLOS)

0.095395 USD (7.15%)
0.00001151 BTC (7.82%)
0.03058042 EOS (6.40%)

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20,318,231 USD
2,450 BTC
6,513,359 EOS
Volumen (24 Std)
95,248 USD
11.49 BTC
30,533 EOS
212,991,186 TLOS
355,208,371 TLOS
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Telos Märkte

# Quelle Paar Volumen (24 Std) Preis Volumen (%) Kategorie Gebührenart Aktualisiert
1 CoinTiger TLOS/USDT $94,816 $0.095400 99.55% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
2 P2PB2B TLOS/BTC $432 $0.094181 0.45% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
3 ABCC TLOS/BTC ** $0 * $0.099321 0.00% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
4 ABCC TLOS/USDT ** $0 * $0.105447 0.00% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
* Preis ausgeschlossen
** Ausgeschlossenes Volumen
***Preis/Volumen ausgeschlossen - Sonderfall erkannt

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Über Telos

Telos (TLOS) describes itself as a smart contract blockchain running on EOSIO software. It makes use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus. TLOS is the native currency of Telos and is used for acquiring resources for decentralized applications (dApps), voting for block producers, worker proposals, election arbitrators and other on chain governance. The governance features used by Telos' core system are available for dApp developers to include in their projects.

The Telos blockchain reportedly offers dApp developers 0.5 second block times, transaction rates in excess of 1000 transactions per second, and free transactions. Developers can reportedly build blockchain applications that provide a similar user experience to conventional applications.

The blockchain went live in December 2018 using a modified EOS genesis snapshot (the result of the EOS token sale) where all accounts were capped at a maximum of 40000 TLOS. This resulted in a broad and relatively equitable initial distribution of approximately 300 million tokens EOS genesis account holders. 18 million tokens were granted to the founders of the chain and 6 million to the Telos Foundation. The current supply of TLOS is 355 million and token inflation is 0%.

Statistiken (Telos)
Preis (Telos) 0.095395 USD
ROI (Telos) +1.08%
Marktrang #250
Marktkapitalisierung 20,318,231 USD
Volumen (24 h) 95,248 USD
Umlaufversorgung 212,991,186 TLOS
Gesamtversorgung 355,208,371 TLOS
Maximale Versorgung Keine Daten
Allzeithoch 0.139744 USD
(22. Sep. 2019)
Allzeittief 0.062349 USD
(19. Sep. 2019)
52-Wochen Hoch / Tief 0.139744 USD /
0.062349 USD
90-Tage Hoch / Tief 0.139744 USD /
0.062349 USD
30-Tage Hoch / Tief 0.139744 USD /
0.062349 USD
7-Tage Hoch / Tief 0.139114 USD /
0.071726 USD
24-Stunden Hoch / Tief 0.096544 USD /
0.080601 USD
Hoch / Tief (Gestern) 0.096544 USD /
0.080601 USD
Eröffnungs-/Schlusskurs (Gestern) 0.087134 USD /
0.095464 USD
Änderung (Gestern) $0.008330 USD (+9.56%)
Volumen (Gestern) $108,366 USD

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