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Mint, Send, Sell/Auction, Bid/buy, Zilliqa based NFTs. Your number one choice for NFTs on the Zilliqa Blockchain.

Sparda Wallet aims to empower all ZIL NFT Artist and users on the Zilliqa Blockchain. Our product allows usurers to connect via ZilPay and add your NFTs by Smart Contract. The application will then retrieve all owned NFTs under that smart contract and itemize the Title, image/gif (other extension support is in the works) and description, displaying a card like gallery for your NFTs. Users will be able to send / receive NFTs easily with Sparda Wallet, Something we feel the ecosystem is currently missing. we have a lot of plans to improve our application as well, such as - "likes" and leaderboards. - Verified Artists - Ability to support a verified Artist's NFTs by “Liking” said NFT with a $SPW Token. Portions of the proceeds from likes get kicked back to the original verified artist. We hope this incentives users to share their cool nfts and try to rack up likes to drive value to their NFT whilst simultaneously supporting the artist(s) - Customizable galleries (during the beta, your NFTs will be categorized by smart contract) All Zilliqa based NFTs using the ZRC standard for NFTS will me able to be viewed in Sparda Wallet ( with some exceptions * )