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360,000,000 MERL
2,100,000,000 MERL
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Apr 19, 2024 (a month ago)
May 20, 2024 (2 days ago)
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2519th / 10.0K
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Über Merlin Chain

What is Merlin Chain and MERL? Merlin Chain serves as a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, incorporating essential components like ZK-Rollup networks, decentralized oracle networks, and fraud proofs within the Bitcoin chain. Its primary objective is to empower the native assets, protocols, and application ecosystem of Bitcoin Layer 1, facilitating ongoing innovation and maximizing asset potential on Layer 2 networks. MERL is the native token of Merlin Chain which is used for: Staking: Staking $MERL contributes to the overall security of Merlin Chain. Collator Delegation: $MERL holders have the option to delegate their holdings with collators or stake $MERL to run their collators to secure the network. Network Fees: Merlin L3 has the option to use $MERL to pay transaction fees. Native Liquidity & Collateral: $MERL token can be used in the Merlin ecosystem to serve as native liquidity and collateral. How Many MERL Coins Are There in Circulation? Merlin Chain will have a total supply of 2,100,000,000 MERL at genesis, and will be delivered to the public, Merlin Eco, early supporters and initial core contributors. Who Is The Founder Of Merlin Chain? Merlin Chain is a product line of Bitmap Tech (formerly known as RCSV). Bitmap Tech has previously launched products like Bitmap Explorer and BRC-420. Bitmap Tech has long been dedicated to the Bitcoin ecosystem which was founded by Jeff. Before founding Bitmap Tech, Jeff had been an entrepreneur in the Web2 industry for over a decade, and has garnered funding from industry giants such as Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, BAI Capital, 5Y Capital, and Vitalbridge, paving the way for one success after another. Although he had always kept an eye on the Web3 world, he never quite convinced himself to venture into the Web3 domain. It wasn't until 2023, when he saw Ordinals and the BTC ecosystem, that he decided to start constructing in the Bitcoin ecosystem in May 2023, when there was still bias against Ordinals. Where Can I Buy MERL? MERL is available for trading on OKX, Bybit, Gate, Kucoin, Bitget, with pairs for several mainstream cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.