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Über Healium

The Healium project is a blockchain-based token network that safely and reliably stores and manages high-value personal information such as individual's genetic data. Healium predicts preventable diseases in advance and provides personalized healthcare solutions based on your DTC gene analysis. Through this, we want to establish a system in which tokens are rewarded through a system where individuals can choose and manage their consent to use data for genetic analysis results.

The advantage of embedding genetic test data in blockchain is that it can be used safely by strengthening security and forming an ecosystem. Since genetic test data is very sensitive information for an individual, it must be kept safe and at the same time, it is statistically significant information, so it is desirable to open it and use it in various fields. HEALIUM intends to simultaneously solve these two seemingly contradictory problems by utilizing blockchain technology and to create a stable platform for managing genetic test results. In addition, we aim to create an ecosystem that pursues seamless interconnection between individuals, medical institutions, and data utilization institutions.

Healium is based on TRC20, and while maintaining and developing optimally decentralization and security, it has overcome the trilemma problem based on the highest scalability. In particular, it has dramatically improved security and user accessibility compared to existing blockchain platforms. 1) Safely store the test results obtained through genetic testing. 2) Acts as a server that provides test result data when requested. At this time, personal information is not stored in the block chain, but the authority is checked with a hash value that can be verified through personal information to ensure connectivity. 3) Provides statistics on genetic test results.

In order to safely use the personal information stored in the blockchain, the personal information verification process proceeds in the following order. 1) Storing the users' private key and test record hash value in the app. 2) Storing the public key and the hash value of the test record in the blockchain. 3) The app converts the users' public key and inspection record hash value into a QR code and stores it. 4) Use by granting permission to view, share, and utilize the test results in the app.

Beyond Healthcare 3.0, which prevents diseases in advance, we open the era of healthcare 4.0 fused with Bio-Metaverse. Through Bio-Metaverse, Healium provides a platform for you to enjoy various contents such as smart healthcare, shopping, leisure, education, games, and performances etc. Furthermore, you can use Healium coin as means of payment within the platform.

Healium Metaverse which is based on genetic analysis is the world's first smart healthcare platform. You can now receive healthcare services in a virtual space known as Bio-Metaverse developed by Healium. What in fact makes Healium Metaverse different from online gaming platforms is that, here in the Metaverse social, economic, and cultural activities are also possible. Healium Metaverse is a platform that combines the physical world and the virtual world together. Non-Fungible Token also known as (NFT) uses blockchain technology to verify the actual owner, and is used to authenticate the originality and ownership of data.

By converting high-value personal genetic information into NFTs and providing them to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that need them, a portion of the profits will be donated to the International Association of Incurable Disease and the remaining will be distributed to the information providers.

Although the metaverse market is growing explosively and it is expected as a future industrial engine, it is also pointed out as a problem as the number of teenagers who are addicted to the metaverse is increasing. There are services that are overly biased toward games and speculation, raising public concerns at the same time. At this point, the Healium Metaverse project, which can be used for public health management, will be launched to improve public health and health environment, while at the same time nurturing projects that contribute to new industrial growth in terms of business.