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kr 164,897,248
Volumen (24t.)


kr 4,230,546
Volumen/Markedsværdi (24 timer)
Cirkulerende forsyning
1,694,951,452 CWEB
Samlede forsyning
7,671,841,068 CWEB
Maksimale forsyning
Fuldt udvandet markedsværdi
kr 746,372,693
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24 timer 
Højeste nogensinde
Dec 30, 2021 (2 years ago)
Laveste nogensinde
May 13, 2022 (2 years ago)
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I overvågningslister12,337x
1766th / 8.9K
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Om Coinweb

What is Coinweb (CWEB)?

Coinweb (CWEB) is a revolutionary open-source, consensus-free, and decentralized platform that focuses on enhancing scalability and interoperability. It enables the deployment of dApps across multiple blockchains as if they were one.

One of Coinweb's standout features is its detached proof mechanisms within the InChain architecture. This unique approach transforms the blockchain landscape by ensuring groundbreaking interoperability, robust dApps, and unified cross-blockchain data. It accomplishes this by redefining how the state of a blockchain is verified, which greatly enhances the efficiency and functionality of dApps while retaining the properties of the underlying chains.

Key Concept

Computational Power


The Problem at Hand

Coinweb's Innovative Solution

Empowerment: dApps on Coinweb gain significant enhancements in capabilities while reducing operational costs.

Unification: The potential to unify data from various independent blockchains opens doors for dApps to generate unparalleled value.

Autonomy: dApps gain the ability to operate autonomously, leveraging the collective security and performance advantages of multiple underlying blockchains.

Advancement: This not only enhances the utility and security of existing blockchains and dApps but also drives increased liquidity, growth, and broader technology adoption.

Current Adoption

dApps on Coinweb

2. LinkMint: An ambitious platform simplifying custom cross-chain token creation, making advanced blockchain technologies accessible to non-crypto users. It supports features like minting, burning, vesting, bonding curves, and DAO applications.

3. DeconX: A simple marketplace for Coinweb Native token swaps and automated market-making operations. It also facilitates gas fee abstraction and offers a framework for smart contract interactions across blockchains.

4. BMW Leasing Thailand Loyalty Programme: A blockchain-based loyalty program in partnership with BMW Thailand, allowing customers to earn and redeem loyalty tokens.

5. OnRamp: A digital payment infrastructure company enabling easy fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat payments for retail users and businesses.