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India has one of the biggest remittance markets in the world. Workers abroad often send a proportion of their income to their families back home.

But here's the problem: common remittance services often charge astronomical fees to facilitate transfers — eating into hard-earned wages that have already been taxed.

As a result, it's little surprise that the XRP/INR trading pair has gained such traction. It's a much-needed form of modernization that means workers and their families get a fairer deal.

Like other cryptocurrencies, the value of XRP fluctuates up and down quite regularly. Our tool above tracks how many rupees are required to buy this altcoin.

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Are you looking to convert XRP into INR? If so, you'll be in a liquid market that matches one of the world's biggest fiat currencies with the third-largest digital asset in terms of market cap.

There's no doubt that people want to know more about how XRP/INR are trading, and that this pair may become much more popular in the future.

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