Blockchain Futurist Conference 2023

Day 1 - Mainstage

Introduction & Welcoming Futurist Conference
Welcoming from Founder of Untraceable Events, Tracy Leparulo
Advanced Financial Instruments in Crypto Presented by Unicoin Inc.
Presentation by Tanim Rasul from NDAX
Keynote Presentation by Anthony Di Iorio Founder of Andiami, Decentral and Ethereum
WONDERFI PANEL: Consolidation & Diversification: How Canadian firms can stay ahead in 2023
INFRASTRUCTURE PANEL: Web3 Infrastructure: Building the Foundation for the Future of the Internet
Presentation by Sascha and Kohji from Parallel
Fireside Chat with the Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner, P.C. and Morva Rohani: Moving the Needle on Canadian Crypto Policy: The Role of Policymakers and Industry in Overcoming Partisanship in Canada
DEFI PANEL: DeFi and the Future of Financial Services: Disrupting Traditional Finance and Creating New Opportunities
Break on Satoshi Main Stage
REGULATION PANEL: Crossing Borders: The Challenges and Opportunities of Global Blockchain Regulation and Compliance
The Next Generation of Blockchain Assets: Smart Tokens presented by Coreum
Presentation by Shytoshi from Shiba Inu
Regulation and Beyond - Looking forward (with hope?) presented by Localcoin
Unleashing the Power of Ethereum: Why Enterprises Are Embracing Ethereum for Business presented by Hyperledger
How To Scale a Business in a Bear Market presented by Luna PR
If You Can't Beat Ethereum, Join Ethereum! Presented by Metis
A Decade of Community Building by Tracy Leparulo from Untraceable Events
Presentation by Ethan Buchman from Cosmos and Informal Systems
EVM is the Ecosystem Presented by XDC Foundation
Bitcoin Mining Shipping Containers are Dead presented by Digital Shovel
PANEL: Digging Deeper: Insights into the World of Cryptocurrency Mining
Fireside Chat with Ben Armstrong and J.D. Seraphine


Canada’s Largest Web3 Event