The Story of Crypto & CoinMarketCap: How Far We’ve Come
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The Story of Crypto & CoinMarketCap: How Far We’ve Come

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CMC turns 10! On this occasion, let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the significant moments that shaped the crypto landscape!

The Story of Crypto & CoinMarketCap: How Far We’ve Come

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You know what didn’t exist in 2008?

  • Instagram
  • The iPad
  • Uber

But you know what launched in 2008?


Yes, it’s already been 15 years since Satoshi released the famous whitepaper. And what a ride it has been since!

No matter how frustrating or confusing crypto sometimes seems, we have come a long way (and so has CoinMarketCap!). So, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, CMC has put together a crypto timeline. We look at the most significant, memorable and historic moments in crypto history.

This is the ultimate crypto timeline, a record of crypto history as it has been written over the last 15 years.

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2008: Economic Chaos Breeds Crypto as Hope

  • Aug. 18: The domain is registered, marking the beginning of a new era in digital currency.
    • This date marks the first step towards the creation of Bitcoin, paving the way for the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The domain provided a platform for early innovators to share information and resources.
  • Oct. 31: Satoshi Nakamoto publishes the groundbreaking Bitcoin whitepaper, introducing the first "cryptocurrency" that achieved widespread popularity.
    • The whitepaper, titled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System," lays the foundation for the world's first decentralized digital currency. The paper explains how the Bitcoin system operates without a central authority.
  • Bitcoin becomes a popular topic of conversation on the Cryptography Mailing List, setting the stage for a vibrant global community.
    • Early discussions among cryptography enthusiasts help nurture interest in the technology behind Bitcoin and give rise to a passionate community. These debates solidify the practicality and potential of cryptocurrencies.
  • The global financial crisis stimulates interest in alternative financial systems, creating the perfect environment for the rise of cryptocurrencies.
    • The financial crisis highlights the need for an alternative to traditional banking and currency systems, supporting the growth of cryptocurrencies. The instability in traditional financial systems encourages more people to explore cryptocurrencies.
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  • Yearly high and low BTC price: 1 BTC = $0.00 USD
    • At the end of 2008, Bitcoin had yet to be publicly released and had no actual monetary value. It would receive its first market value in 2010, after its public launch and the development of user-driven marketplaces.

2009: Setting the Stage - Bitcoin’s Value Takes Shape

  • Jan. 3 A historic breakthrough: The Genesis block is mined for the first time ever.
    • The birth of the Bitcoin blockchain and the issuance of the first 50 BTC by Satoshi Nakamoto makes history in the world of digital currencies.
  • Introducing new possibilities: The inaugural Bitcoin open-source software client is unleashed upon the world.
    • Satoshi Nakamoto opens the gates to a decentralized cryptocurrency network by releasing the original Bitcoin software, letting users mine BTC and validate transactions.
  • A glimpse into the future: Hal Finney becomes the first-ever recipient of Bitcoin, receiving 10 BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto.
    • Bitcoin's first real-world transaction cements its credibility as a functional cryptocurrency, with legendary computer scientist, Hal Finney, proudly supporting the experiment.
  • Oct. 5: The first-ever Bitcoin exchange rate establishes 1 USD as 1,309.03 BTC.
    • The New Liberty Standard sets Bitcoin's initial exchange rate. It creates the starting point for Bitcoin's journey to becoming a valuable and tradeable asset.
  • Strengthening the foundations: Bitcoin version 0.1 is released, enhancing the digital currency's robustness.
    • Satoshi Nakamoto's software update addresses critical improvements and bug fixes. It ensures the emerging Bitcoin network remains secure and stable for its growing audience.
  • Yearly BTC price: 1BTC = 0.00076USD
    • In 2009, with Bitcoin freshly unveiled to the world, the cryptocurrency's value had just begun to be recognized. Its first-ever recorded exchange price was 1309.03 BTC for 1 USD.

2010: From Crashes to Calories - The Million-Dollar Pizza Quest

  • May 22 Culinary bliss meets digital currency: 10,000 BTC is exchanged for two pizzas in the first-ever Bitcoin-to-fiat transaction (celebrate it as Bitcoin Pizza Day!).
    • In the transaction that broke ground for Bitcoin's future purchases, Laszlo Hanyecz's famous pizza trade demonstrated the practical potential of this digital currency.
  • July 18 The dawn of Mt. Gox: The stage is set as the iconic Bitcoin exchange emerges.
    • Mt. Gox played a crucial role in the early days of cryptocurrency trading as one of the first and most well-known Bitcoin exchanges, paving the way for future platforms.
  • Aug. 15: An unexpected twist occurred as the Bitcoin protocol bug creates 184 billion BTC, only to be corrected later.
    • On Aug. 15, 2010, the infamous "value overflow incident" exposed a flaw in the system, but the Bitcoin community swiftly took action to maintain the network's integrity.
  • Nov. 6: A testament to Bitcoin's growth. The market cap skyrockets past the $1 million milestone.
    • Bitcoin's market cap crosses the $1 million threshold, highlighting the cryptocurrency's increasing prominence in the financial world.
  • Nov. 27 Pioneering collaboration: The first pooled Bitcoin mining effort, Slush Pool, is initiated.
    • Slush Pool allowed miners to combine their resources to increase their chances of solving blocks and earning rewards, showcasing innovation within the Bitcoin community.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 0.3USD (Dec. 31); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 0.05USD (July 17)

2011: Satoshi’s Farewell and the Ripple Effects of WikiLeaks’ Adoption

  • New contenders on the horizon: Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Peercoin and Namecoin make their debut.
    • These fresh players offered unique features and inspired the first round of innovation. They also increased competition and highlighted the potential of cryptocurrencies.
  • Feb. 6 The rise of Silk Road: The notorious online marketplace for illegal goods makes Bitcoin its primary currency.
    • Highlighting the darker side of cryptocurrency's versatility, Silk Road showcased the potential for Bitcoin to facilitate anonymous, illicit trade while drawing the attention of law enforcement agencies.
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  • Feb. 9 A significant milestone: Bitcoin achieves parity with the US dollar for the first time.
    • On Feb. 9, 2011, this historic moment marked the growing importance of Bitcoin as an alternative currency and sparked a surge of interest in the nascent digital asset.
  • April 23 Satoshi disappears: Satoshi Nakamoto sends the last email to Mike Hearn.
    • Satoshi stated that he had moved on to other things and that Bitcoin is in good hands with Gavin Andresen. He also thanked Mike Hearn for his work and wished him well.
  • June 14 WikiLeaks champions Bitcoin: Putting the cryptocurrency on the global stage, the infamous non-profit organization begins accepting Bitcoin donations.
    • By embracing the potential of Bitcoin for privacy, transparency and international support, WikiLeaks' use of Bitcoin donations brought the digital currency into the public eye and highlighted its capabilities.
  • Aug. 19-20 Breaking new ground: The inaugural conference dedicated to Bitcoin, Bitcoin 2011, takes place in New York City.
    • Bitcoin united enthusiasts, experts, and newcomers alike, signaling the rising importance of cryptocurrencies and fueling discussions on the future of digital assets.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 29.56USD (June 8); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 0.29USD (Jan. 3)

2012: Bit by Bit - Evolution, Expansion and Scarcity

  • June, a new chapter for crypto: Coinbase, a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service, makes its debut.
    • Founded in June 2012, Coinbase quickly gained popularity as a reliable and user-friendly platform for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies. It opened new doors for enthusiasts across the globe.
  • Sept. 27 Cultivating the ecosystem: The Bitcoin Foundation is established to encourage Bitcoin's use and development.
    • The Bitcoin Foundation has been playing a pivotal role in supporting education, policy advocacy and technical updates, contributing significantly to the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Oct. 16 Making strides: BitPay announces it has surpassed 1,000 monthly Bitcoin transactions.
    • This milestone, which was hit by BitPay, a leading Bitcoin payment service provider, signaled the growing acceptance of digital currencies in everyday business transactions.
  • Nov. 28 The first Bitcoin halving: The mining reward for Bitcoin is cut from 50 BTC to 25 BTC, making the digital asset scarcer.
    • The halving emphasized the deflationary nature of Bitcoin and highlighted its potential as a long-term store of value, sparking debate among analysts and enthusiasts alike.
  • Nov. 15 Mainstream adoption: The popular media outlet, WordPress, starts embracing Bitcoin payments.
    • This move by WordPress marks an important step in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for mainstream commerce, paving the way for other online platforms to follow suit.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 13.44USD (Aug. 17); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 4.22USD (Jan. 27)

2013: Crypto’s Trifecta - Fed’s Embrace, Silk Road’s Demise, CoinMarketCap’s Rise

  • April 1 - Major acknowledgment: The U.S. Federal Reserve recognizes cryptocurrencies.
    • This landmark moment marked a significant step toward the legitimization of digital currencies. It also signaled the increasing attention of regulatory agencies worldwide.
  • May - Keeping track of coins: CoinMarketCap is founded, offering comprehensive data on cryptocurrencies.
    • Established in May 2013, CoinMarketCap has become an indispensable resource for crypto enthusiasts by providing up-to-date market information.
  • Oct. 1 A dark corner of the web comes to an end: Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, is arrested.
    • The arrest of Ross Ulbricht led to the shutdown of the infamous Silk Road marketplace and demonstrated the potential consequences of using Bitcoin for illicit activities.
  • Oct. 29: Bitcoin enters the physical world: Robocoin and Bitcoiniacs launched the world's first Bitcoin ATM.
    • Installed in Vancouver, Canada, this pioneering ATM bridged the gap between digital and traditional currency and broadened the utility of Bitcoin.
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  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 1,147USD (Dec. 4); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 13.26USD (Jan. 1)

2014: Ethereum Emerges - A Year of Innovation, Adoption and Challenges

  • Feb. 28 First major exchange bankruptcy: Mt. Gox, then the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, goes bankrupt.
    • The collapse of Mt. Gox, once handling over 70% of all Bitcoin transactions, rattled the cryptocurrency world and exposed the vulnerabilities of centralized exchanges.
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  • March 24 Futures on the horizon: The first regulated Bitcoin futures exchange, TeraExchange, is launched.
    • TeraExchange paved the way for more sophisticated financial instruments tied to cryptocurrencies and increased availability for institutional investors.
  • March 25 Taxing times: The IRS issues tax guidance for virtual currencies.
    • The new tax guidance brought cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial world, creating both challenges and opportunities for users and regulators alike.
  • July 22 A platform for decentralized applications: Ethereum raises over 25,000 BTC in its ICO.
    • The successful ICO not only established Ethereum as a major player in the blockchain ecosystem but also set the stage for the rise of the ICO fundraising model.
  • Dec. 11: Big tech on board: Microsoft begins accepting Bitcoin payments.
    • Microsoft's adoption of Bitcoin for digital products marked a significant milestone, as one of the world's largest tech companies publicly recognized cryptocurrency's value.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 951.39USD (Jan. 6); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 309.87USD (Oct. 5)

2015: The Exchange Evolution

  • April 8 ShapeShift is launched - a crypto-to-crypto instant exchange.
    • ShapeShift created a new way for cryptocurrency users to seamlessly exchange different digital assets without the need for traditional registration or KYC processes.
  • June 3 BitLicense is introduced in New York, regulating cryptocurrency businesses.
    • The introduction of the BitLicense marked another significant step towards increased oversight and regulation of cryptocurrency businesses. It also set a benchmark for other jurisdictions.
  • July 30 Ethereum, the first programmable blockchain, is launched.
    • Ethereum's launch revolutionized the blockchain and cryptocurrency space by enabling the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts on a global scale.
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  • Oct. 8 Gemini, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, is co-founded by the Winklevoss twins.
    • As a regulated exchange, Gemini gained prominence by focusing on providing a secure and compliant trading environment for both retail and institutional investors.
  • Oct. 27 Nasdaq unveils Linq, a blockchain-backed trading platform.
    • With the launch of Linq, Nasdaq became the first major exchange to adopt blockchain technology. It was one of the early use cases of decentralized ledgers in traditional finance markets.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 504.21USD (Dec. 15); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 177.28USD (Jan. 14)

2016: The Wild Ride of Crypto Hacks, Innovations and Privacy Pioneers

  • April 30: The DAO launches, becoming one of the largest crowdfunding initiatives in history.
    • The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, was built on the Ethereum blockchain and raised over $150 million. The DAO marks the first time this decentralized fund management model garners significant attention.
    • Learn more about The DAO!
  • May: CoinMarketCap introduces its first public API
    • CoinMarketCap launches its first public API, enabling developers to access real-time market data, historical prices and key metrics for thousands of cryptocurrencies.
  • June 17: Bitmain launches the Antminer S9, a highly efficient Bitcoin mining machine.
    • Bitmain's Antminer S9 significantly improved Bitcoin mining efficiency by utilizing cutting-edge ASIC technology. It allows miners to optimize their operations and increase profitability.
  • July 20: Ethereum undergoes a hard fork, resulting in the creation of Ethereum Classic.
    • The controversial hard fork followed the DAO hack, which exposed vulnerabilities in the Ethereum network. This event created two separate blockchains: Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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  • Aug. 2: Bitfinex is hacked, resulting in the theft of 120,000 BTC.
    • The Bitfinex hack, one of the largest Bitcoin thefts in history, reinforced the need for more robust security measures and further pushed the industry to develop decentralized exchanges.
  • Oct. 28: Zcash, a privacy-based cryptocurrency, is launched.
    • Zcash aims to provide enhanced privacy and anonymity for its users, using zero-knowledge proofs called zk-SNARKs to protect transaction data from public visibility.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 982.57USD (Dec. 29); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 365.71USD (Jan. 16)

2017: Crypto Explodes - ICO Boom, Forks and Wall Street's Embrace

  • March 10: The SEC rejects several Bitcoin ETF proposals.
    • The SEC cited concerns over transparency, fraud and a lack of regulation as reasons for the rejection, which ultimately delayed institutional investment in the cryptocurrency space.
  • Aug. 1: The Bitcoin Cash hard fork occurs as a result of scaling debates.
    • After years of disagreement over how to scale the Bitcoin system, a contentious hard fork created Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a separate blockchain with a larger block size limit, intending to offer faster and cheaper transactions.
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  • September: The ICO boom drives a significant increase in cryptocurrency adoption.
    • Sparked by the success of Ethereum, numerous blockchain projects raised billions of dollars through initial coin offerings (ICOs) during the year, driving widespread mainstream interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Dec. 10 & 17: CME Group and Cboe Global Markets launch Bitcoin futures.
    • These launches marked a major milestone for the cryptocurrency space, as Bitcoin futures offered institutional investors a regulated way to gain exposure to cryptocurrency markets without directly owning the digital asset.
  • Dec. 17: The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies combined reaches $800 billion.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 19,783.06USD (Dec. 17); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 752.12USD  (Jan. 11)

2018: Sticks and Stones Break Bones - But Not Crypto’s

  • Jan. 30: Facebook bans cryptocurrency ads.
    • Facebook took this measure in an attempt to protect users from misleading financial products and services, reflecting growing concerns about fraud and scams in the crypto space.
  • Jan. to Dec.: The cryptocurrency market experiences a significant downturn, with BTC dropping from $20,000 to below $4,000.
    • After the ATH in 2017, the cryptocurrency market entered a prolonged bear market throughout 2018, with cryptocurrencies experiencing a steep decline in value.
  • March 15: The Lightning Network goes live, enabling faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions.
    • The Lightning Network is a second-layer scaling solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, aiming to provide instant, low-fee transactions to facilitate everyday payments.
    • Read more: What Is the Lightning Network?
  • April 9: EOS.IO, a blockchain platform developed by, launches its mainnet.
    • EOS.IO is designed to provide high levels of scalability, user-friendliness and support for decentralized applications. It was tipped to compete with Ethereum in the smart contract and dApp market.
  • May: CoinMarketCap launches its first iOS app
    • CoinMarketCap debuts its iOS app, offering cryptocurrency enthusiasts a convenient and user-friendly platform to access comprehensive market data, track prices and stay updated on the latest developments in the world of digital currencies.
  • June-July: Binance becomes the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.
    • Binance's explosive growth and focus on robust security, a wide range of cryptocurrencies and user experience helped it quickly become the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world.
  • August: CoinMarketCap launches its professional API
    • CoinMarketCap unveils its professional API, empowering projects with advanced market data, analytics and customizable solutions to make informed decisions and drive growth in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.
  • December: CoinMarketCap ends the year with 3.6 billion page views
    • CoinMarketCap concludes the year on a high note, amassing an impressive 3.6 billion page views, solidifying its position as the go-to platform for cryptocurrency market data and insights.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1BTC = 17,135.45 USD(Jan. 6); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 3,194.96USD (Dec. 15)

2019: Banks, Giants and Nations Embrace Crypto

  • Feb. 14: JPMorgan Chase announces the JPM Coin, its own digital currency.
    • JPM Coin, built on the Quorum blockchain, was the first digital currency created by a major global bank, highlighting the increasing interest and involvement of traditional financial institutions in the blockchain space.
  • April: CoinMarketCap launches its first Android app
    • CoinMarketCap debuts its Android app, enabling Android users to explore real-time market data, monitor cryptocurrency prices, and stay updated on the evolving landscape of digital assets, all at their fingertips.
  • May: CoinMarketCap forms the DATA Alliance to promote data transparency and accountability in the crypto space
    • CoinMarketCap pioneers the DATA Alliance, fostering data transparency and accountability within the crypto industry through collaboration and shared standards, ensuring reliable and trustworthy information for all stakeholders.
  • June 18: Facebook announces the Libra project (now Diem).
    • Facebook's ambitious plan to launch a permissioned digital currency aimed at facilitating payments and financial inclusion received significant media attention and triggered a backlash from regulators, ultimately leading to the project's delay and rebranding as Diem.
  • June 26: CoinMarketCap acquires Hashtag Capital
    • CoinMarketCap expands its influence in the cryptocurrency industry through the acquisition of Hashtag Capital, enhancing its capabilities and expertise in blockchain investments and strategic partnerships.
  • Sept. 23: Bakkt is launched, offering Bitcoin futures trading and custodial services.
    • Backed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Bakkt introduced physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts and brought new levels of institutional-grade security and compliance into the digital asset market.
    • Read more: What Is Bakkt?
  • Oct. 28: The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updates its cryptocurrency tax guidelines.
    • The IRS provided much-needed clarity on cryptocurrency taxation, addressing issues like hard forks, airdrops and cost-basis calculations to help investors better understand their tax obligations.
  • November: China announces plans to launch a digital version of its national currency, the yuan.
    • China's move to create a central bank digital currency (CBDC) signified a major shift in the financial landscape and marked a significant endorsement of digital currencies by the world's second-largest economy.
    • Read more: What Is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?
  • November: The Capital, CoinMarketCap’s first-ever conference is launched
    • CoinMarketCap unveils its first conference, The Capital, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and enthusiasts for a global event focused on exploring the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • November: CoinMarketCap introduces the Liquidity Metric
    • CoinMarketCap introduces the Liquidity Metric feature, providing a comprehensive measure of liquidity for cryptocurrencies, enabling users to make informed decisions based on the depth and stability of trading markets, and ensuring a more transparent and efficient trading experience.
  • Yearly high BTC price: 1 BTC = 13,880.00USD (June 26); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 3,401.28USD (Feb. 6)

2020: The DeFi Explosion and Mainstream Acceptance

  • April: Binance acquires CoinMarketCap
    • Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, acquires CoinMarketCap, the leading platform for cryptocurrency market data, consolidating their positions and enhancing their offerings in the crypto and blockchain industry.
  • May 11: Bitcoin undergoes its third halving, reducing the mining reward to 6.25 BTC.
  • June: CoinMarketCap to upgrade Liquidity Score with new details explained in the new methodology
    • CoinMarketCap enhances its Liquidity Score feature by introducing a new methodology that provides detailed insights and explanations, improving the assessment of cryptocurrency liquidity for users and market participants.
  • July 22: The OCC allows U.S. banks to provide custody services for cryptocurrencies.
    • The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a landmark regulatory clarification, granting U.S. banks legal authority to offer crypto asset custody services, signifying more mainstream acceptance.
  • September: DeFi boom accelerates, with the Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassing $10 billion.
    • The rapid growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) projects captured the attention of the crypto world, with yield farming, lending platforms, and decentralized exchanges providing new opportunities for investors and users alike.
    • Read more: DeFi’s 10 Biggest Moments in 2020
  • September: CoinMarketCap launches their educational portal, CMC Academy.
    • CoinMarketCap introduces CMC Academy, its educational portal, providing users with a rich and extensive resource hub to deepen their understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the broader crypto ecosystem through comprehensive articles and guides.
  • Aug. 11: MicroStrategy invests in Bitcoin as a reserve asset, paving the way for other institutions.
  • Oct. 21: PayPal announces that it will offer support for cryptocurrency transactions.
    • As a leading global payments company, PayPal's embrace of cryptocurrencies marked a significant change in mainstream perception, granting millions of users an easy way to buy, sell, and hold digital currencies.
    • Read more: How PayPal's Crypto Service Will Work
  • Yearly high BTC price:1 BTC = 28,992.56USD (Dec. 31); Yearly low BTC price: 1BTC = 4,903.70USD (March 12)

2021: A Revolutionary Year - Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender

  • Feb. 8: Tesla buys $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.
    • Tesla's substantial Bitcoin investment, led by CEO Elon Musk, further solidified the digital currency's role as a legitimate asset and generated significant public interest.
  • March 11: The first Bitcoin ETF is approved in North America (Canada).
    • The approval of the first Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in Canada set a historic precedent and indicated growing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market.
  • March 11: The NFT market booms, with pieces like Beeple's artwork selling for $69 million.
    • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) took the world by storm, with artists, celebrities, and brands all hopping on the NFT bandwagon to create, buy and sell unique digital assets.
  • April: CoinMarketCap gets a new homepage revamp with advanced filtering, an ICO calendar, and a new updated portfolio and watchlist feature
    • CoinMarketCap's revamped homepage introduces enhanced features including advanced filtering, an ICO calendar and an updated portfolio and watchlist functionality, providing users with improved navigation, customized tracking and comprehensive information.
  • April 14: Bitcoin hits an all-time high of $68,789 USD.
    • A combination of increasing institutional investment, growing mainstream adoption and global economic uncertainties contributed to Bitcoin reaching unprecedented price levels.
  • June: CoinMarketCap launches Diamonds rewards loyalty program
    • CoinMarketCap introduces Diamonds, its loyalty program that rewards users for their continued engagement, offering exclusive benefits, perks, and incentives within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Aug. 5: Ethereum undergoes the London upgrade, which introduces a new fee structure, EIP-1559.
    • The London upgrade aimed to improve Ethereum's fee market and overall user experience, paving the way for the future ETH 2.0 transition to a more efficient and scalable proof-of-stake network.
  • Sept. 7: El Salvador becomes the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.
    • This groundbreaking decision signaled the increasing global recognition of digital currencies as viable means of exchange, potentially influencing other countries to explore similar initiatives.
  • December: CoinMarketCap ends 2021 with 13.2 billion page views
    • As the year draws to a close, CoinMarketCap celebrates an extraordinary feat of reaching 13.2 billion page views in 2021, further establishing itself as the preferred source for comprehensive cryptocurrency market knowledge and research.
  • Yearly high BTC price:1 BTC =  68,530.34USD (Nov. 9); Yearly low BTC price: 1 BTC = 28,803.59USD (Jan. 1)

2022: NFTs Keep Shining and CBDCs and Protocol Upgrades Take the Stage

  • The number of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sold surpasses 1 million.
    • The rapidly growing NFT market continued its meteoric rise. Unique digital artwork, collectibles and virtual assets captivate global attention and change the notion of digital ownership.
  • April: CoinMarketCap’s YouTube channel gains 380,000 followers
    • CoinMarketCap's YouTube channel reaches a significant milestone, amassing over 380,000 dedicated followers and serving as a go-to resource for the latest cryptocurrency news, educational videos and expert insights, catering to a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts.
  • May: Terra experiences a bank run and collapses to practically zero.
    • LUNA, the coin backing Terra’s UST algorithmic stablecoin, became virtually valueless in a matter of days. The crash was caused by a bank run on Terra’s stablecoin, causing it to lose its dollar peg.
  • May: CoinMarketCap has its conference, The Capital: Time to Ship
    • CoinMarketCap organizes its highly anticipated conference, “The Capital: Time to Ship,” featuring keynote speeches, workshops and interactive sessions, providing attendees with valuable insights and a platform to shape the future of blockchain technology.
  • June: CoinMarketCap page views break over 340 million a month
    • CoinMarketCap's monthly page views soar past 340 million, highlighting the widespread popularity and trust placed in its platform as a vital resource for tracking and understanding the cryptocurrency market.
  • Aug: CMC introduces DexScan, a powerful DEX screener tool covering over 50 chains and more than 100 DEXs.
    • CoinMarketCap's DexScan scans 100+ DEXs on 50+ chains, offering users insights into the rapidly expanding DEX landscape and tracking data on popular platforms.
  • Sept. 15: Ethereum 2.0, a major upgrade to Ethereum's blockchain, is fully implemented.
    • Ethereum 2.0, a highly anticipated transition from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake model, proposed significant improvements to the network's security, scalability and energy efficiency. The switch was titled “The Merge.”
    • Read more: Next Steps for Ethereum After the Merge
  • Q2: CoinMarketCap launches CMC Community.
    • CMC Community, a social hub for crypto discussions and a way for users to connect with and hear from crypto projects, launched in Q2 2022. Available to users as a standalone feed on the web & app and on every coin detail page, CMC Community has been used by communities to discuss events, opinions and trends in crypto.
  • Oct. 25: Bloomberg Businessweek devotes an entire issue to crypto.
    • For only the second time in Bloomberg Businessweek’s history, an entire issue is dominated by a single article. Bloomberg covered different aspects and meanings of crypto and the role of the crypto financial system in the future.
  • Nov. 2022: FTX crashes and gets exposed for fraudulent business practices.
    • FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, filed for bankruptcy after a run on its customer assets exposed the exchange’s fraudulent business practices. The FTX bankruptcy also triggered a new low for cryptocurrencies in the 2022 bear market.
    • Read more: Explaining the FTX collapse
  • Yearly high BTC price:1 BTC =  47,881.41USD (Jan. 2); Yearly low BTC price: 1 BTC = 15,656.61USD (Nov. 22)

2023: Accelerating Adoption - Bitcoin Outpaces S&P

  • Bitcoin outperforms 97% of all S&P 500 companies in 2023.
    • Bitcoin’s remarkable performance in 2023, driven by increasing institutional investment, growing mainstream adoption and global economic uncertainties, has made it one of the best-performing assets in the world.
  • Bitcoin adoption: Nearly a million addresses now hold 1+ BTC.
    • Bitcoin’s adoption continued to grow in 2023, as more investors and users joined the network and held the cryptocurrency for various purposes, such as store of value, medium of exchange or speculation.
    • Read more: Analyzing Bitcoin’s Q1 and its potential forecast
  • March: BlackRock exploring “tokenization of stocks.”
    • BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with over $10 trillion in assets under management, expressed its interest in the digital assets space, especially in the areas of permissioned blockchains and tokenization of stocks and bonds.
  • March: Microsoft testing Edge browser Web3 wallet integration.
    • Microsoft, an American technology giant, ventured into the Web3 space in 2023 by testing a crypto and NFT-friendly Web3 wallet integration into its Edge web browser.
  • May: CoinMarketCap announces a new reality TV show called "Killer Whales" in partnership with Web3 entertainment company HELLO Labs.
    • “Killer Whales” is a web3 reality TV show produced by CoinMarketCap and HELLO Labs, that will allow entrepreneurs to pitch their Web3 products and NFT projects to a panel of judges. Filming will take place in Los Angeles in June, with the show due to be broadcast later in the year across a combination of the world’s biggest streaming platforms to over 55 countries
  • May: CoinMarketCap launches NFT detail page.
    • CoinMarketCap introduces the NFT detail page, providing users with the ability to track prices, royalty fees and service fees of various NFT collections and marketplaces, while also offering comprehensive details and complete historical data.
  • BlackRock files application for Bitcoin ETF.
    • BlackRock has refiled its application for Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) with the SEC. The refiling includes additional details to address any flaws that were identified in the initial filing. Notably, the refreshed filing states that Coinbase will provide market surveillance support for the proposed ETF. This move by BlackRock demonstrates its continued interest in entering the crypto market and could potentially bring more legitimacy and institutional investment to the space.
  • Microsoft testing Edge browser Web3 wallet integration.
    • Microsoft is reportedly testing the integration of a Web3 wallet into its Edge browser. The wallet will allow users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The wallet is expected to be noncustodial, meaning that Microsoft will have no access to passwords and recovery keys. It is expected to be embedded in Edge as opposed to being an installed browser extension.
  • SEC targets major cryptocurrency exchanges, citing the trading of unregistered securities as the rationale.
    • The SEC has targeted major cryptocurrency exchanges for trading unregistered securities. It alleges that these exchanges have been engaging in unregistered securities offerings and operating as unregistered securities exchanges, brokers and clearing agencies. The SEC argues that these exchanges have commingled functions that are typically performed by separate entities, creating conflicts of interest and risks for investors.
    • Read more: Delistings, Lawsuits and Unregistered Securities: How SEC's Actions Are Impacting Crypto
  • Yearly high BTC price:1 BTC =  31,005.61USD (April 14); Yearly low BTC price: 1 BTC = 16,547.91USD (Jan. 1)


Is this the “end of history” for crypto?

Absolutely not! Every day, new history is being written: some good, some bad, but never boring. Here’s to 15 and many, many more years of crypto history!

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