2023 CoinMarketCap's Crypto Playbook
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2023 CoinMarketCap's Crypto Playbook

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CoinMarketCap Research partnered with some of the leading voices from various parts of the crypto industry to analyse what happened in 2022, and what the key theses are going into 2023.

2023 CoinMarketCap's Crypto Playbook

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What inspired the 2023 CMC Crypto Playbook?

It’s the end of yet another year in the cryptocurrency industry, and nothing has gone the way that we planned. 2022 has been such an eventful year, that’s why CoinMarketCap Research has put together our inaugural end-of-year playbook, crowdsourcing part of the leading voices from every important sector in crypto about what happened this year, why it happened, and what the key crypto theses are in their own verticals going into 2023.

From CoinMarketCap

As the gateway for crypto, CoinMarketCap stays focused on providing the infrastructure for global crypto users. This allows us to not just see, but also to experience the highs and lows with the industry together. With that in mind, we saw 2022 as being a particular “boss fight” for three reasons:

1. Economically, global markets are facing a challenging recession environment, with geopolitical challenges led by the Russian war on Ukraine.

2. Crypto-wise, many key players collapsed — including Luna, 3AC, Voyager, Celsius, FTX — which had an adverse effect on mainstream adoption and is potentially a catalyst that will give rise to more serious crypto regulatory hurdles.

3. Additionally, it remains unclear whether Bitcoin’s four-year cycle played any role in driving this downtrend further. While we had previously believed that institutions entering crypto meant that Bitcoin’s halving would no longer play a major force in the industry, Bitcoin has proven us wrong this year.

In this challenging environment, CMC is committed to drive crypto adoption by building better, crypto-native infrastructure for users. In 2022, CMC contributed to the community via three action points:

Increased our data inclusivity: we list over 22K coins and developed our own DexScan to enable the viewing of decentralized exchange transactions on over 37 chains.

CMC Community: CMC created a crypto-native social media platform with over 400K daily active users to help projects socialize with their followers.

Made exclusive things more accessible to everyone: live-streamed crypto conferences & events including CMC’s own The Capital metaverse conference; shared institutional crypto research freely to wider audiences with over 59 insightful publications in over 12 different languages.

2023 will be a challenging yet optimistic year. In the crypto markets, it’s quite hard to predict what the “next big thing will be.” From our experience, we know well the need for positivity when looking forward in crypto. Instead of thinking of all of the reasons why a new, decentralized movement cannot work, it’s much more beneficial to think about all of the ways that it can work.

So, to look to 2023 with this spirit of building (with probably some re-building to do as well), I’d like to see a new year where the crypto markets begin to recover. 2023 can be the year when the industry gets more clarity about regulation in DeFi, CEXs and DEXs in ways that can help protect both consumers and investors alike.

In 2023, CMC will continue to enhance our ability to provide unbiased data and content to our users. With the new year spirit of positivity, we will also grow our vision for our own social network, CMC Community, to become THE engagement platform for crypto users, projects, media and KOLs. CMC also looks forward to hosting our first post-Covid in-person conference in 2023 — stay tuned!

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