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Tranquility City is an online game developed on the Harmony blockchain by a small team of people with experience in blockchain and game development. People will be able to interact with each other, have fun and obviously, trade. There will be multiple districts in the city, each with unique real estate and people will be able to decorate their private quarters with furniture and other items that they can trade on the market. The game will be infused with community suggestions, however the development team have a very strong vision for the utopian world that is being created.

The game has had a cracking launch so far! ~1500 people in discord, hundreds in Telegram, the team has already secured a ‘launch’ grant from the Harmony One blockchain and have already launched on the testnet. All of this has been achieved at a breakneck speed, and is testament to the dedication of the developers and the wider team.

So what is the premise of Tranquility City? Tranquility City will be a play-to-earn metaverse, with users being able to buy real estate, NFT characters, as well as other in-game paraphernalia (which will be purchased through the in-game currency, LUMEN). With Tranquility City being a play-to-earn metaverse, a significant amount of LUMEN will be reserved for these in-game rewards. The way to play-to-earn in Tranquility City in the first phase will be through mini-games. These mini-games will be able to be played between players for in-game rewards. A natural follow on question from this is:

What are LUMENs? LUMEN is the in-game currency and governance token of Tranquility City. In line with the team's democratic ideals, players will be allowed to vote on the development of the city, and the in-game voting system will use LUMEN as the method and means of voting. LUMENs will be available for staking through various in-game mechanisms.

LUMEN had its IDO on the Artemis Protocol Launchpad on the 17th of December (, and has been trading on the Defi Kingdoms Marketplace since the 20th of December.

What is your road map? As visible from Tranquility City’s ambitious roadmap, the team already hit three milestones for Q4 2021. They have launched the testnet game (see below for details) and have already achieved testnet and mainnet minting of the real estate NFTs! Houses and Premium apartments sold out within hours of their low key launch in early November 2021. The minting was available on, and as of now all the real estate NFTs have been minted out. Roadmap -*qTuVW5V5aJE87tUu.png

Testnet Game There was immense interest from the community for the testnet game — so much so that the team had to whitelist testers in case the servers were not able to cope. It is apparent how the testnet game event on our recording of the livestream event:

Mainnet Minting The mainnet minting for real estate NFTs (apartments and houses) begun in early November and within hours houses and premium apartments completely sold out! We have now sold out all the real estate NFTs, with the Character NFTs yet to be released -

Every user will need to possess one of the real estate NFTs to be able to play. When the Character NFTs will be released sometime in 2022, then players can also take part in the game with either a character and/or a real estate NFT.

Comics This is meant to provide some info on the project and some fun lore to read. The first chapter is about the creation of the Harmony blockchain and the inception of Tranquility City. We are also introducing Paul, the digital assistant that will guide the Tranquilians at the beginning of their journey and the H.A.R.P reactor which powers the city.

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