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What is Symmetry (SMF)?

Symmetry is a decentralized index protocol built on Solana blockchain that allows users to easily diversify their portfolios and maximize passive earnings. The Protocol is designed to let any user create their index, include desired crypto-assets along with corresponding weights and select re-balancing method.

SMF is the native governance & utility token that is used for:

  • Governing the protocol
  • Paying fees for deploying and purchasing.
  • Incentivizing usage and growing the ecosystem

What makes Symmetry Unique?

Symmetry is built on Solana Blockchain, which opens opportunities for innovation. Indices deployed with the protocol can re-balance much more frequently and at practically no cost, thanks to Solana's high throughput and low transaction fees, which gives its users room to experiment with different weighting and re-balancing algorithms while remaining fully decentralized.

Symmetry also has built-in analytics tools such as Index Simulator, that allows users to back-test the index they are creating based on historical data to see how the it would have performed in the past, before deploying it on blockchain.

Community will play a key role in Symmetry’s success. Since the indices on the protocol can be created by anyone, Symmetry will incentivize users to create the most performing indices by rewarding them from fees generated by their index. Most performing indices will also be featured on the main dashboard & the platform will feature Index creator leaderboard which will rank creators by merit.