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Transaction fee from 1–10%. 75% will be re-distributed to existing DaftCoin holders. The remaining 25% will be burnt instantly, thereby deflating the total supply at each transaction.

Because of this, 75% of the fees generated go to holders of the token. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of DAFT that you own among holders. This generates a much higher yield than would be possible otherwise. The another 25% of the fees are burnt.

In most DeFi applications, users must stake or park their tokens in a contract to earn a yield. DAFT holders may use their tokens in third party lending, yield farming, or any other smart contract in addition to earning yield from the transaction fees.

To facilitate this, the DAFT smart contract exposes some new methods that allow staking contracts to easily determine the fees earned by each holder for any period of time even when funds are pooled together.