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kr 64,703
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53,000,000 SDT
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100,000,000 SDT
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kr 4,672,446
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May 04, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Apr 03, 2023 (a year ago)
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Om Stabledoc

What we are building We are building a Blockchain-based, AI-driven healthcare delivery ecosystem to provide quality telemedicine and use NFT (Non Fungible Token) to depict patient health data. The five key loops of this ecosystem of products that support our services are connected, including a set of Blockchain Smart Contracts embedded in NFTs, AI Diagnostics & Virtual Reality, Public Health, a Healthy Planet and enabling StableDoc Smart Tokens.

Stabledoc Health Data NFT and Smart Contracts Patients are now aware that their data exist but they typically do not have access to it or control over where the data is used. Stabledoc NFT aims at solving this problem by allowing patients to track how their data is being used and opportunity to earn from the use of their data. An NFT of a patient data would not only identify the data as belonging to that individual but would also confer ownership, allowing the patient to access it and track it where ever it is being used, for example research institute, as well as providing revenue to the data owner. Patient-control underpins in our electronic health records.

Our telemedicine and virtual online consultancy built on Smart Contracts using the Master Patient Index (MPI) will leapfrog institutional and infrastructure challenges to deliver digital medicine and care. This will run health services in a decentralized, secured, reliable, transparent and traceable manner. Our virtual online consultancy based healthcare systems require the physician to transact via our smart contract to share medication prescription with pharmacies. This helps to eliminate potential error in prescriptions.

Our partnered pharmacies can access the drug prescription stored on our smart contract to verify, prepare and send the prescribed drugs to the patients. In addition, we have a built-in feature for medical supply chain verification and drug traceability to help eliminate risks from fake and counterfeit drugs. Our Smart contract aim to provide necessary security, privacy, transparency, health record immutability and traceability for our partner Health Management Organizations (HMOs) to detect frauds related to patient’s insurance claims.