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LoserChick is a 3D “Claw Crane” on-chain game, created by Emoji DAO, integrating the easy-to-use, highly playable and proven "claw crane" game model, based on the financial attributes of GameFi, such as liquidity mining, NFT staked mining, asset trading and some other functions.

In LoserChick, players can continuously enjoy various financial services while playing games and realize the experience of playing and earning. In addition, LoserChick also has unique advantages in the design of tokenomic model. LoserChick adopts “DUAL TOKEN & NFT" design innovatively, supplemented by the ultimate deflationary mechanism to achieve sustainable growth of the economic value of the game.

LoserChick is an open game platform belonging to the community, players can participate in the governance and construction of the game, realizing the access of different protocols, and jointly build the metaverse world on-chain.