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2,100,000,000 BABY
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2,100,000,000 BABY

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Om Babytoken

Babytoken is a financial ecosystem of AMMA Pregnancy Tracker that provides blockchain-based healthcare, shopping and employment services for expectant mothers and families.

Baby Token is a utility token based on ERC-20 standard of Ethereum blockchain. With Baby tokens users of Pregnancy Tracker app can receive rewards for using the app. In the future, users will be able to access paid jobs, and receive cash backs from various producers of baby goods. Currently, there are 1,500,000 holders of Baby tokens within the app.

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker is a Hong Kong registered company that developed one of the most popular mobile applications for tracking pregnancy - The app helps millions of expectant mothers track their pregnancy week by week, providing important information about their body development, healthy nutrition, and useful exercises. As of April 2020, the app has over 15 million downloads around the world, over 200,000 positive reviews in AppStore and Google Play market, and 500,000 daily active users.