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VoltPotCoin aims to offer a decentralized payment method for renewable energy and electric mobility sectors.

It claims to be the first decentralized Peer-to-Peer payment network for anyone looking for freedom, privacy, and security when it comes to renewable energy and electric mobility trade.

VOLTPOT® ltd. was established in 2016. Its main goal was to create a platform where people and businesses interested in renewable energy and electric mobility, be able to contact each other and establish long term collaboration. In 2018 VOLTPOT® launched a web portal on the market for renewable energy and electric mobility sectors: https://voltpot.com. One of its main features is to give those people who produce their own energy (e.g. solar panels) a way to share the energy excess with others (e.g. electric cars drivers). A system of Volt-Points was integrated within the platform to serve this purpose.

In 2020 VOLTPOT® ltd. decided to implement another way to help people and businesses to trade their renewable energy excess: a dedicated Blockchain-based crypto-currency. In August 2020, the VoltPotCoin (VPC) was launched.