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ORFANO Live prijsgegevens

Orfano is a community token which was released on the 2nd of April 2021.

The coin was built on the Binance Smart Chain. Tokenomics: 6% tax on all transactions (buy and sell) as follows:

2% Sent to a secure Multisign wallet for Charity funds. 2% Redistribution 2% Auto-Liquidity

The coin has been Audited by Techrate and has passed this assessment.

The main purpose of the token is to provide support and life-saving aid to orphans in the poorest countries. The future plans of the team are to explore partnerships with other coins to further use cases such as NFT marketplaces.

Owners: Hanad Hassan (CEO) - Founded the coin alongside Ahmed Mohammed. Hanad Hassan has prior experience working withing the charity field however he will also be recruiting team members with a wealth of experience in project management and charitable organisations. Mr Hassan has also worked as a team member for 2 separate coins which have achieved high levels of success, $PIT and $SAFEMOON.

Ahmed Mohammed (CMO) - Mr Mohammed is the owner of a digital marketing agency and has utilised his expertise to market $ORFANO and gain excellent exposure for the token.

The team behind the coin are based in the United Kingdom.