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Inu Jump is a treasure hunter searching for the lost gold reserves of the Queen of Shiba. He’s on a path to find the Temple of Shiba where there is a vast treasure that awaits him.

Select different Inu characters as NFTs to begin each level.

Jump, spring and race through 10 heart pounding levels that sequentially become more difficult and collect coins along the way to get the highest scores. Avoid bad guys that could cut your journey short. Collect as many coins as you can and you’ll move up on the leaderboard where you can play to earn tokens daily.

Tournaments Through our daily tournaments. Go through the game with your 3 lives and gather as many coins as you can to achieve the highest score. The top 10 most earned in-game tokens will earn tokens at midnight every day. Larger prizes for highest weekly scores.

Ways to Utilize Token Mint New Rare and Super Rare Inu Jump Characters Buy special chests to earn extra rewards Exchange for INUJUMP tokens

NFT Marketplace Pick and choose from 10 opening Inu Jump characters to start the game