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Mar 29, 2024 (a month ago)
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Oct 12, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Over HyperGPT

What is the project about? HyperGPT is a Web3 AI marketplace that uses blockchain to overcome challenges in traditional AI applications. It offers centralized access to multiple applications, saving time and simplifying management. Developers benefit from a standardized API, reducing costs and enabling easy application switching for users. Users can manage subscriptions securely with cryptocurrency payments.

What makes your project unique? HyperGPT combines AI and Blockchain, offering a decentralized marketplace with AI-powered search, smart contracts, user feedback, privacy, and Web3 interoperability. It's the first AI marketplace with an SDK for seamless AI integration. The SDK allows developers to integrate all AI solutions in a single integration with their dApps/apps.

History of your project. HyperGPT created a decentralized, transparent, and secure AI marketplace by integrating AI and Blockchain. As the first of its kind, it drives innovation, supports developers, businesses, and individuals, and continues to shape the future of AI-driven innovation.

What’s next for your project? HyperGPT's roadmap emphasizes continuous improvement, focusing on refining marketplace features, integrating AI advancements, fostering partnerships, exploring NFT integration, prioritizing data privacy, and engaging the community. Their goal is to lead the AI marketplace, driving innovation and empowering users, while shaping the future of AI technology.

What can your token be used for? The $HGPT token is the primary payment method within our platform, and token holders enjoy exclusive benefits such as early updates, priority access, discounted services, and ongoing rewards. Our community-driven approach involves AMA sessions, contests, collaboration, referral programs, governance mechanisms, and networking opportunities, fostering active participation and relationship-building among our token holders.