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Mar 01, 2024 (3 months ago)
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May 22, 2024 (11 hours ago)
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Over Devve

Introduction: DevvE is a next-gen cryptocurrency that is 1/3bn energy use of Bitcoin, 1/10M cost of Ethereum, 8M tps with patents around fraud, theft, loss, privacy and regulatory compliance.

Highlights: 1. DevvStream IPO - leverages the DevvX blockchain to create impact assets. 2. - Gaming platform ranked as the #2 Blockchain game in the world by Cointelegraph Research 2023 3. - Global Token Marketplace completely build on DevvX Web3 architecture.

2016-present - built a world class team, worked with a number of large enterprise customers and partners, and launched arguably, the most scalable and cost-effective layer 1 blockchain protocol. Q1 2022 - launched ESG platform at CES, took a portion of our ESG business public, launched our first blockchain game (currently ranked by Cointelegraph #2 in the world), launched our global NFT marketplace, licensing AAA games for blockchain gaming. Q4 2023 - expected mult-imillion dollar raise for our ESG streaming business, multi-million dollar raise for our ESG Impact fund, sell DevvE with powerful staking and payment mechanisms for ESG assets to the world’s largest institutional investors, and the publishing of a mobile version of our blockchain game. 2024 - Cement ourselves as the world’s source of truth for ESG data and assets and the go to platform for blockchain games. Launch of our enterprise blockchain development platform.

Our main competitors are the other top layer 1 protocols such as Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, etc. We are orders of magnitude faster, cheaper, more scalable, more architecturally flexible than any other Layer 1s, and we have specific solutions (fraud/theft/loss protections, privacy protections that are regulatory compliant) that others do not have. Our solutions are well tailored to enterprise and government use cases. We also have a great deal of expertise in ESG, and we have a world class enterprise business development team that other projects do not have. Perhaps the largest point differentiating us from others, other than the technical capabilities themselves, is our team.

DevvE has three key immediate token utilities. 1. DevvE can be used for governance to allow for an entity to become a verification node on DevvX. 2. DevvE is used to fund environmental and impact projects. Those projects will contractually be used to provide data for Forevver-licensed DevvX shards that provide to the world transparent data preventing greenwashing and providing transparency and auditability for environmental and impact datasets. 3. DevvE will be accepted for payments to utilize a DevvX shard for storing environmental or impact datasets. DevvE, therefore, has circular utility, for providing a transparent data ecosystem.