Mata Uang Kripto:  11,064Bursa:  389Kap Pasar:  Rp20,905,393,735,263,076Vol 24j:  Rp1,631,986,827,285,147Dominance:  BTC: 47.6% ETH: 17.6%ETH Gas:  22 Gwei


Peringkat #85
Di dalam 52,308 daftar pantauan

Harga Bancor (BNT)


0.00008391 BTC6.59%

0.001416 ETH6.59%

BNT  Bancor BNTPrice: Rp44,534.73 6.59%
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Total Value Locked (TVL)
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Peredaran Suplai
239,155,857.85 BNT
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BNT Data Harga Penawaran

Live Bancor harga hari ini adalah Rp 44,704.57 IDR dengan volume perdagangan 24 jam sebesar Rp 943,436,200,434 IDR. Bancor turun 6.59 dalam 24 jam terakhir. Peringkat CoinMarketCap saat ini adalah #85, dengan kap pasar sebesar Rp 10,691,360,770,864 IDR. Terjadi peredaran suplai sebesar 239,155,858 BNT koin dan maks. suplai tidak tersedia.

Bursa teratas untuk diperdagangkan di Bancor saat ini adalah Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, CoinTiger, , dan . Anda dapat menemukan yang lainnya yang terdaftar di .

What Is Bancor (BNT)?

Bancor consists of a series of smart contracts that manage the on-chain conversion of tokens. The protocol makes it effortless and quick to convert tokens without having to go through an exchange. The protocol's smart contracts manage the liquidity pools that connect various tokens available in the network.

The major token used on the network is the “Bancor Network Token,” BNT. Currently, Bancor and Uniswap are the frontrunners for this new DeFi trend.

Who Are the Founders of Bancor?

Bancor was founded by Eyal Hertzog, Yudi Levi, and Galia and Guy Benartzi in 2017. It was named "Bancor" to honour John Maynard Keynes, who came up with the word 76 years ago to describe a supranational currency.

Eyal Hertzog is the product architect of the protocol, BNT, and other products that utilize the network. He is a known voice in the crypto industry and has been a technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. He previously founded MetaCafe, a top video sharing site in Israel with over 50 million users.

Guy Benartzi is the chief executive at Bancor. He also co-founded Mytopia in 2005, a company that develops cross-platform games for users on social networks.

Galia Benartzi has been a technology entrepreneur for many years, and is a co-founder of the Bancor protocol. At Bancor, she is the business developer. She is also the CEO and founder of Particle Code.

Yudi Levi is the CTO at Bancor. He has been a technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. He previously co-founded AppCoin, an app that allows communities to create their own currencies.

What Makes Bancor Unique?

Bancor enables the seamless conversion of tokens used in the network. This removes the need for an exchange or third-party platforms. The protocol also maintains several self-governing pools for tokens supported by the network.

The uniqueness of Bancor is in their goal to create liquidity for altcoins and to remunerate liquidity providers. The protocol monotonously converts various crypto tokens into other tokens, including those running on other blockchains, without the interference of a third party.

BNT, the protocol’s main token, is the default for all smart tokens created on the network. Bancor’s creation of smart tokens is the first of its kind to be built via blockchain technology. The protocol’s main objective for creating smart tokens is to provide a lasting solution to liquidity problems, hence making it different from other market makers.

How Many Bancor (BNT) Coins Are In Circulation?

In January, Bancor made a move to provide more liquidity and awareness for its native token. Therefore, it distributed some ETH/BNT valued at $60,000 into various wallets that were holding a required minimum of BNT. In 2017, the protocol raised more than $144M during its initial coin offering.

The protocol allows other tokens to be liquidated as well. However, these tokens (also called reserve tokens) must comply with ERC-20 or EOS standards.

Bancor ecosystem supports a two-way token model: liquid tokens and relay tokens.

A liquid token is an automated token with a single reserve that mints and destroys itself. It does this either by sending the reserve token to its smart contract or removing it from the smart contract. In order to use Bancor Network, a liquid token must have its reserve token either in BNT or a derivative of BNT.

On the other hand, relay tokens are used in staking to provide liquidity. The token holders will get a percentage of the future earnings of Bancor. Relay tokens indicate the proportion of amount staked to the total value in the pool.

How Is The Bancor Network Secured?

The protocol’s smart token allows traders to provide liquidity for the pools available on the network. Anyone can contribute liquidity to the pools.

When liquidity providers contribute liquidity to a pool, they are eligible to receive rewards for trades that pass through the pool. Liquidity providers will receive pool tokens that represent a percentage of their total stake.

How Can You Buy Bancor Network Token (BNT)?

As at the time of this writing, Bancor has facilitated over $2 billion trades involving several tokens, as well as cross-chain tokens. The network has made millions through staking, which are distributed to BNT token stakers. Several exchanges that support BNT include Binance, Coinswitch and ZenGo. You can get more information here on how to buy BNT and other cryptocurrencies.






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BNT Statistik Harga

Bancor Harga Hari Ini
Harga BancorRp44,534.73
Perubahan Harga24hRp-3,533.04
24j Terendah / 24j Tertinggi
Rp44,352.76 /
Volume Perdagangan24hRp939,851,879,341.84
Volume / Market Cap0.08824
Dominasi Pasar0.05%
Peringkat Pasar#85
Total Value Locked (TVL)Rp18,094,689,008,047
Bancor Kapitalisasi Pasar
Kap PasarRp10,650,741,945,876.02
Kapitalisasi Pasar yang Sepenuhnya TerdilusiRp10,650,741,945,876.02
Bancor Harga Kemarin
Tertinggi / Terendah Kemarin
Rp44,492.57 /
Pembukaan / Penutupan Kemarin
Rp44,613.71 /
Perubahan Kemarin


Volume KemarinRp1,140,755,812,186.85
Bancor Sejarah Harga
7h Terendah / 7h Tertinggi
Rp36,186.41 /
30h Terendah / 30h Tertinggi
Rp36,775.64 /
90h Terendah / 90h Tertinggi
Rp36,186.41 /
52 Minggu Terendah / 52 Minggu Tertinggi
Rp7,435.78 /
Harga Tertinggi
Jan 10, 2018 (4 years ago)
Harga Terendah
Mar 13, 2020 (a year ago)
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Bancor Pasokan
Peredaran Suplai239,155,858 BNT
Suplai Total239,155,858 BNT
Suplai MaksTidak Ada Data