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About Trade.io

Trade.io describes itself as a multi-asset blockchain exchange and financial investment and advisory firm. The company’s offerings include their liquidity pool, which enables users to earn interest daily, as well as a crypto trading platform that focuses on customization, ease of use, and built with the trading community in mind. Additionally, through www.tiomarkets.com traders can transact in FX, CFD’s & Global Equities by depositing fiat or crypto.

Since the launch of the platform in 2018, new assets have continued to be added. The company claims to perform due diligence in order to ensure a consistent level of quality instruments. The company introduced its fiat service on 24 May 2019, providing a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods for users. Traders from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia will be able to deposit in their local currency, with Malaysia, China, and South Korea to join the list. Free fiat deposits are on offer for any liquidity pool members with 2,500 TIOx or more.

Traders can also purchase cryptoassets with USD & EUR, with the company’s credit card solution. The liquidity pool is touted by the company as its most unique feature. By lending 2,500 TIOx, users can get paid daily according to the profit generated by the pool that day. 50% of trade.io revenues go back into the liquidity pool, to reward TIOx holders, every single day. There is no commitment to stay in the pool and traders can withdraw their interest earned as well as their crypto holdings at any time. From 9 Oct 2018 - Jan 2019, token holders have reportedly been paid $325,000 in cryptoassets.

Trade.io's ICO, which ended in early 2018, raised ~$31 million. Trade,io aims to offer a flexible interface, 24/7 support, low fees, and a diversified portfolio where users can trade multiple asset classes, including popular cryptos BTC, ETH, LTC and TIOx (trade.io's utility token), and through www.tiomarkets.com. The company also has an OTC desk, headed up by Chief Dealer, David Hannigan, who has 30-years of experience in forex and finance.








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