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Moonlift Capital


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About Moonlift Capital

Investing in DeFi tokens can be complex, with many DeFi platforms integrating interfaces that are not user-friendly. MoonLift Capital changes this with a DEX built to ensure everyone can access and interact with DeFi products without any problems.

It is a truly-community driven project that offers users the opportunity to earn passive income by placing their capital in innovative DeFi products. MoonLift DEX ecosystem includes a venture capital and the launchpad and NFT marketplace are on the roadmap to be accomplished next year.

Like a traditional DEX, users will be able to swap between tokens and provide liquidity for token swaps in exchange for fees generated from the token pool. However, MoonLift DEX goes beyond swaps and provides a staking pool, where users can stake MLPx tokens for interests.

MLTPx holders will be able to make swaps at a lower transaction fee on Moonlift Dex (0.2%) compared to popular Binance Smart Chain DEX PancakeSwap (0.25%).

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