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About FEG Exchange

FEGex (fegexchange.com)

FEG Exchange (“FEGex”) is a multi-chain decentralized exchange, built from the ground-up, with a focus on innovative features that make trading easier and more rewarding. Gas rebates on each trade, Tradingview charts built into the UI, and single-sided staking that rewards you in wrapped BNB, ETH, BTC and USDT. Deploy your Ethereum (ERC-20) or Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) token to FEGex with the FEGdeployer tool (fegdeployer.com) and immediately start earning pair-owner rewards in addition to the rewards earned by being a liquidity provider. FEGdeployer also offers secure presale capabilities that allow you to generate liquidity and automatically deploy your token to FEGex in one seamless process. Liquidity is automatically locked for one (1) year and the exchange is whitelist contract-enabled, flash-loan secure, and has a multitude of passive rewards systems.

Key Featues:

• Swap - token swap with automatic slippage and gas rebates. • SmartSwap - deposit tokens into SmartSwap and swing trade with reduced gas fees. SmartSwap also bypasses any tokenomic taxes you’d usually pay on RFI-based tokens such as FEG. • FEGcharts - Tradingview charts embedded into FEGex, creating a DEX complete with its own DEX tools. • fWraps - wrap any legacy ERC-20 or BEP-20 token to start earning more of that token while you hold it. Supercharge your legacy cryptos. • Staking - single-sided staking with zero impermanent loss. Earn wrapped BNB, ETH, BTC, and USDT from transactions on FEGex and SmartDeFi tokens. • Liquidity - provide liquidity and earn rewards from transactions on a given trading pair. • FEGdeployer - a self-service trading pair deployment system with presale support. • SmartDeFi support - trade and manage your SmartDeFi tokens right from within FEGex. • Cross-chain bridge - bridge between each of the chains offered on FEGex (development in-progress).

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