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About DefiPlaza

What Is DefiPlaza (DFP2)?

DefiPlaza is a distributed exchange on Ethereum. It is implemented in a way that brings gas consumption close to the absolute minimum it can be. Thus, a trade on DefiPlaza typically consumes 50-65% less gas than a trade on any other DEX. The gas saving is coupled to low fees (0.1%) such that DefiPlaza can offer the lowest cost to the user for many common DeFi token trades. Apart from ETH, 15 major DeFi tokens are listed giving the user access to 120 trading pairs, many of which cannot be found anywhere else.

DFP2 is the governance token that is used for:

  • Deciding on the level of trading fees on the exchange.
  • Deciding which tokens should be (de)listed on the exchange.
  • Deciding how and where to expand the ecosystem.

The website includes a user friendly interface to:

  • Swap tokens with low transaction fees and gas costs.
  • Add / remove liquidity at low gas costs.
  • Stake liquidity tokens for DFP2 rewards at low gas costs.
  • View statistics about the DefiPlaza platform.
  • Learn about the features of DefiPlaza.

How Many DFP2 Tokens Are In Circulation?

Airdrop = 12.9M (include 3.75M Team Wallet) Liquidity reward = 50m Quadratic Curve Community fund = 2.5M Quadratic Curve Team incentive = 2.5M locked until Oct 6th 2022. Fully diluted supply = 67.9M

The bulk of the tokens will be released on a quadratic curve starting at the 6th of October 2021, running for one year. The release rate starts out high and slowly reduces to zero.

What is the roadmap for DefiPlaza?

DefiPlaza is easily the cheapest DEX to swap tokens on Ethereum. The low gas costs and fees can be leveraged by aggregators to offer their users a better trading experience. Thus, DefiPlaza is currently focusing on building collaborations with aggregators to increase trading volume.

Longer term DefiPlaza aims to expand on Ethereum, as well as other EVM and non-EVM supporting chains. The favorable economic properties of multi-token AMM when compared with pair baised AMM apply to any environment, and the DefiPlaza team aims to deploy this concept much more widely than it has been today. Expansions onto Polygon and Radix are the main priority.

The DefiPlaza governance token will be used to make community decisions on fees and token (de)listings as well as larger decisions such as where to deploy the next exchange. All deployed exchanges are planned to list DFP2 or a bridged/wrapped version of to bring further utility to the ecosystem.

Where Can I Buy DFP2?

DefiPlaza token is available at UniSwap and of course on DefiPlaza itself.

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