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5,566,374,466 VEED
Suministro total
100,000,000,000 VEED
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100,000,000,000 VEED
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24 horas 
Máximo histórico
Sep 08, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Nov 28, 2022 (a year ago)
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En listas de seguimiento6,466x
2639th / 8.9K
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Acerca de VIMworld

VIMworld is a brand new, innovative ecosystem – a marriage of Smart NFTs, IoT technology, blockchain, and a new generation of smart toys and collectibles.

VIMworld has a powerful incentive structure and a circular economy that encourages proactive stakeholder engagement, generating value for players, collectors and traders alike. Before we conceived VIMworld, it was clear to us the world didn’t need another game.

Our vision was to create a powerful system that incentivises engagement and socialising and provided experiences that could be shared with each other as part of a community. We wanted to build a system where individuals can take charge of their world and immutably own verifiable, authentic assets and take part in our rich trading economy with them.

In this new ecosystem, we envision a place where people can express themselves freely, connect and collaborate with others, and create non-superficial emotional bonds, unlike anything that exists in the current digital domain. We feel these behaviours will bring a positive impact to the world, all while creating economic incentive and rewarding users.