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MOOND Datos de Precio en vivo

Reddit Community Points Swap ( is an Automated Marketing Making DEX protocol deployed on Reddit Arbitrum network.

RCPswap is powered by the MOOND token and is a venture developed by MoonsDust - company based in Cyprus. Currently we supports r/Cryptocurrency MOONs and r/Fortnite BRICKs, RCPswap will support every new RCP that Reddit introduces.

RCPswap fees are 0.9% which gets divided between Liquidity Providers- 0.75% and MoonsDust Treasury- 0.15%.

MoonsDust Treasury funds are used for monthly buyback & burn of the MOOND token.

In addition, MoonsDust have also developed which is an atomic swap service for Reddit Community Points that distribute it’s profits on daily basis among MOOND token holders.