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We plan on launching our Erected NFT platform which is committed to the best professional and amateur adult content in the world. We’re working behind the scenes to acquire some of the biggest artists in the business. EverErected token will also give you access to our roster of adult and amateur stars who will live chat and interact with you. You can use the token to tip, watch live, send one on one videos on our content sharing platform. EverErected coin holders are not only benefited through static rewards but also by the auto Buy-Back feature of the contract. Our contract takes care of buying back some of the tokens and burns them whenever a Sell happens. In other words, the contract automatically executes a Buy-Back whenever an ejaculation happens (a Sell). In a nutshell (or just Nuts), 98% of the time, you cannot cum twice in a row and definitely cannot cum thrice: and you can see this cumming and going process on poocoin - not that we’re in that fetish. This is designed to prevent rug pulling and unscrupulous founders from cheating you. Additionally, being on the Binance Smart Chain provides 100% anonymity in both payment and viewing and all the security you need coupled with fast transaction speed

We are also getting audit by @Techrate at the moment and have posted the preliminary report on website first- full report will be updated once available.