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Acerca de CUDOS

What is CUDOS?

CUDOS is a decentralised blockchain-based network that provides access to sustainable and highly scalable distributed cloud computing resources for Web3 natives and enterprises requiring GPU-optimised and general computing virtual machines to power their dApps and AI workloads.

The CUDOS blockchain was launched in 2022 after years of focused development aimed at bridging the gap between blockchain and cloud technologies.

As a proof-of-stake layer 1 built on the Cosmos ecosystem, CUDOS’ goal is to become the default computational layer for all major chains, while also providing a low-cost, fast transaction network for dApps built directly on the CUDOS blockchain. The network is 100% carbon-neutral and utilises the Tendermint and IBC protocols for governance and interoperability.

Use cases encompass AI, digital twinning, the metaverse, the tokenisation of real-world assets, and Web3 node infrastructure.

What problem does CUDOS address?

Who is the team behind CUDOS?

What makes CUDOS unique?

How is the CUDOS network secured?

Who are the major partners of CUDOS?

How many CUDOS coins are there in circulation?

Where can you buy CUDOS?