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In short, memeunity is the Agora of Happiness. It's a decentralized social network that mainly focuses on the universal languages of laughter, comedy, humor, everything that humanity can easily understand regardless of the language barrier.

We aim to build a safe haven for the mentally stressed, a place where you know you'll laugh, forget the time passing, and enjoy yourself. It's fully decentralized, meaning no data is collected and we don't even ask for any data from our users other than their email to sign up their account. You use a special avatar called a Memo that you can customize as it represents your anonymous account on the platform.

We're utilizing MU to make it profitable as well for users, by introducing a unique NFT system that generates the NFTs based on the memes you post, and it has a lot of cool features that our users will appreciate, such as a self-learning algorithm that randomly sends you funny content, customizable interface design, meme communities similar to subreddits for every niche in the world. The list of all the features we're packing into memeunity is growing as we progress.

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