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Om Laminar

What Is Laminar (Laminar)?

Laminar is an open financial platform founded in 2019 that powers margin and synthetic assets trading. The platform is based on Ethereum and uses DeFi building blocks and Flow Protocols to meet the community's needs.

In 2021, the Laminar developer team started to launch Flowchain using Substrate to scale to a high-performance retail chain. As a partner in the Polkadot ecosystem, Flowchain will contribute to this interoperable and scalable blockchain ecosystem. The Substrate-based Laminar Chain connects Polkadot as a parachain in order to strengthen the overall security of Polkadot and the DeFi community.

In the early stages of its launch, Laminar received funding from the Web 3.0 Foundation, an organization that also sponsored Polkadot and Kusama.

Who Are the Founders of Laminar?

What Makes Laminar (Laminar) Unique?

How Many Laminar (Laminar) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the Laminar Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy Laminar?

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