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What is Frutti Dino?

Frutti Dino is an NFT game with content.

The game’s genre is a genre in which Dinos with their own unique characteristics defend their den against imperfectly born wild mutants. The gamers of this game can enjoy Play to Earn through a variety of interesting methods as well as gameplay through a seamlessly designed blockchain ecosystem seamlessly attached to game content.

What are the characteristics of Frutti Dino?

○ Raid - Acquisition of rare ampules and materials by participating in raids. Various utilization of owned Dinos and profit acquisition. ○ Battle Royal - Fun PVP to decide the final winner. Awesome rewards according to ranking. ○ Dino Race- Participate in games with running Dinos. Rewards if you guess the winner is correct. ○ Crafting System - You can now make parts upgrading the appearance
and properties of Dinos. The results of Crafting are all traded with NFTs ○ Dino Upgrade- As an appearance property upgrade of Dinos, 
the value of NFT increases. Partial upgrade commission and DAO reward accumulation. ○ Dino Lease - Can be leased immediately within content instead of the burdensome scholarship. A profit-sharing model allowing earning by Dino lenders and players.

What is FDT?

FDT is Frutti Dino's governance token. It is used for various game Defi usage, and DAO participation such as voting, and staking. Unlike the existing DAO service, Monoverse plans to implement services such as DAO voting in the form of in-game events so that everyone can easily participate in DAO, and we plan to implement all services in the form of Gamification.

Who are the founders of Frutti Dino?

Monoverse is a new blockchain-based game developer made up of business experts and game developers from the 3N Korean game companies NCSOFT, NEXON, and Netmarble. Monoverse will continue to define digital assets that could be owned through blockchain and continue to build games, decentralized finance, and platforms to distribute them safely, fairly, and conveniently. The ultimate goal of our company is to complete a digital economy for everyone to enjoy.